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The Political Sphere:
Sketching an Outline of Kuyperian Political Principles

Posted By Joe Carter On June 17, 2004 @ 12:18 am In Neocalvinism | Comments Disabled

David Wayne of Jollyblogger [1] has an intriguing post on Christians and political blogging [2]. While I could write half a dozen separate posts responding to the issues he addresses, one particular part caught my attention:

The Bible and the Christian worldview have something to say about every sphere of activity in creation. In that regard the Bible has principles which can and should be applied in the political realm. For example, there are ethical principles that can be applied across the board in any sphere of activity, be it political, economic, social, media or what have you. Also, I would argue that you can derive some philosophical principles from Scripture that can inform political beliefs. For instance, I think a case can be made, biblically, that government has a limited and restrictive function in society. Therefore, I would be willing to argue in favor of a political party that at least tried to adhere to this, or that adhered to it more than another party.

Last week I confessed my frustration with conservatism and the Republican party and joked about creating my own political party [3] based on Kuyperian (neocalvinist) principles. David ‘

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