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#80 Snail Mail Spam Stopper — If you ‘

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Joe Carter

Joe Carter founded Evangelical Outpost in 2005. He is the web editor for First Things and an adjunct professor of journalism at Patrick Henry College. A fifteen-year Marine Corps veteran, he previously served as the managing editor for the online magazine Culture11 and The East Texas Tribune. Joe has also served as the Director of Research and Rapid Response for the Mike Huckabee for President campaign and as a director of communications for both the Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity and Family Research Council. He is the co-author of How to Argue like Jesus: Learning Persuasion from History's Greatest Communicaton.

  • http://inkan.blogspot.com pgepps

    Hey, good stuff again. Except that writing advice, which is only good for bad writers, who won’t be able to use it competently, anyway.
    A subject-initial bias is good, as is a subject-verb together bias. A “right-branching sentence” rule is a recipe for comma soup like his examples.
    Of course, if one actually *likes* that horrible, horrible slathering of ink they call journalistic prose, well, by all means have at it. You’ll have me begging for matchsticks under my fingernails in no time, though, if you make me listen to it for long.

  • http://razorskiss.net/wp RazorsKiss

    That was a lovely metaphorical mixed bag…
    You listen to your journalistic prose, while begging for matchsticks? :D

  • http://www.timeoftrouble.com daniel

    The best way to put a quick step into Acrobat Reader is to download version 7.

  • http://www.linoge.net/weblog/ Linoge

    W00t. Thanks for the opt-out information. Just barely out of college and already getting spammed out the wazoo…