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Tricky Dickey:
Congress, Cowards, and Embryonic Stem Cell Research

Posted By Joe Carter On July 17, 2006 @ 6:11 am In Stem Cell Research | Comments Disabled

This week the Senate is expected to approve legislation already passed by the House that will expand federal funding for embryonic stem cell research. If it passes, President Bush will veto the legislation, a move that should be praised by pro-lifers, fiscal conservatives, and anyone who values science and ethics.
If corporations asked the government to fund research into hydrogen-fueled cars by over-hyping their potential while denigrating the alternatives (i.e., electric cars), the watchdogs in the media would be writing Pulitzer-winning exposes. Yet embryonic stem cell research, which currently consists of bad science and even worse ethics, is given a pass. The hype and outright dishonesty surrounding the support of this research instead of adult stem cell research is scandalous — and has been abetted by the mainstream media. (Former Science Editor Tim Radford of the UK’s The Guardian even admitted at a recent conference that he and his fellow science journalists hype stem cell research to sell more newspapers.)
Since they can’t even cover the obvious story-behind-the-story, the media are even less likely to report on the Congressional hypocrisy of creating a law to circumvent one that they themselves have passed. Yet that is what the current legislation intends to do.
In 1996, former Arkansas congressman Jay Dickey attached an amendment to the Health and Human Services Appropriations Bill that prohibits the use of federal funds for research that destroys or seriously endangers human embryos. The Dickey Amendment, which has been reimplemented every year since ‘

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