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Know Your Evangelicals:
John Piper

Posted By Joe Carter On December 15, 2006 @ 1:15 am In Know Your Evangelicals | Comments Disabled

piper.jpgName: John Piper
Why you’ve heard of him: Dr. Piper is one of the most influential and popular preacher/authors in American evangelicalism.
Position: Senior Pastor of Bethlehem Baptist Church [1] in Minneapolis, MN; Host of the daily radio program Desiring God; Founder of Desiring God [2] ministries.
Previous: Associate Professor of Biblical Studies, Bethel College [3], St. Paul, MN
B.A., Wheaton College [4]
B.D., Fuller Theological Seminary [5]
Dr.theol., University of Munich [6]
Denomination: Baptist (Baptist General Conference [7])
Books: Piper is the author of over twenty books, including Love Your Enemies: Jesus’ Love Command in the Synoptic Gospels and the Early Christian Paraenesis [8](1991); Desiring God: Meditations of a Christian Hedonist [9](1986); Don?t Waste Your Life [10] (2003); A God Entranced Vision of All Things [11] (2004); and The Passion of Jesus Christ [12](2004); What Jesus Demands of the World [13] (2006)
Assessment: Piper’s life goal and ministry have been focused on spreading “a passion for the supremacy of God in all things for the joy of all peoples.” [14] His writing and preaching have had a significant impact on many young Christian leaders, including pastors, seminarians, and members of the bands Third Day [15] and Switchfoot [16]. Espousing a concept he calls “Christian Hedonism [17]“, Piper carries on the tradition of a complete God-centered worldview that he picked up from the Puritan preacher Jonathan Edwards [18], one of his most significant influences. As noted by Al Mohler [19], who called Let the Nations Be Glad [20] “the most important book on missions for this generation”, Piper has also had a major impact on the state of modern world missions.
[Special thanks to Justin Taylor [21] for his input on this entry.]
(This is #26 in the Know Your Evangelicals [22] series.)

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