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Mixed Bag Edition

Outtakes — By on August 31, 2007 at 1:47 am

Coach, Wrong Ball


Wassup (Milk Edition)

I’ve seen numerous knockoffs of the of the original Wassup commercial, but this is by far the best — and cutest.

A Deer Jumps Over A Motorcyclist

(HT: The Presurfer)

Lost on Gilligan’s Island

Here’s the true story behind the ABC Hit Lost:
In 1964, a dramatic TV series called “Lost on Gilligan’s Island” was filmed. Since it was too dark for a 1960s audience, the series was retooled as a slapstick comedy called “Gilligan’s Island.”
Four decades later, the ABC network remade “Lost on Gilligan’s Island,” this time remaining true to the original dramatic vision. The 2004 remake was titled simply “Lost.”
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Kids Ride Zip Line to School

For me, this would be reason enough to find a new village.

  • http://confusedtrucker.blogspot.com Don

    The coach should be shot. They may have won the game but the kids all were taught that playing dirty is the way to success. Thats not the kind of lesson you’d hope for from junior sports.

  • http://www.sprucelandbaptist.com Jeff

    Should have been called back, the center didn’t snap the ball between his legs.