Family Facts #34

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Compared with peers who were cared for at home, preschoolers who attended day-care centers used health-care services more often. Day-care children were at greater risk of contracting both minor communicable illnesses and more significant medical problems such as hepatitis, injuries, and chronic otitis media (ear infections). They were three times more likely to have made at least one visit to a doctor’s office, twice as likely to have visited an emergency room, and almost three times as likely to have received a prescription medication. This increased use of health services resulted in health-care expenditures for day-care children that were, on average, $343 higher per child each year.

“Health Care Utilization and Expenditures Associated with Child Care Attendance: A Nationally Representative Sample”
Silverstein, Michael
Sales, Anne E., and Koepsell, Thomas D.
Pediatrics Vol. 111, Number 4. April, 2003. Page(s) e317-e375.

  • jb

    When all children are forced to endure pre-school, family utopia will prevail.
    You can’t let the families choose to opt out. Government daycare will make it a better world. Just do it for the children.

  • Ludwig

    why stop at pre-schoolers?….studies show that children who are kept locked up in a protective sanitized plastic bubble until they reach adulthood are 7.8 times less likely to ever need to see a doctor during all that time…of course once they get out into the world they’ll probably die as soon as they are exposed to contact with other human beings but at least they’ll have had a childhood free of even the tiniest sniffle and whats more important than that…besides,they probably wont need much of a life anyway,what with Jesus comming back next friday at 11h45 am to establish hi kingdom on earth.