Family Facts #40

Girls whose parents were separated, divorced, or widowed were more likely to develop eating disorders than peers from intact families. Girls who read teen magazines weekly were also more likely to develop eating disorders than peers who did not read such magazines as often.

“Parental Factors, Mass Media Influences and the Onset of Eating Disorders in a Prospective Population-Based Cohort”
Marinez-Gonzalez, Miquel A.
Pediatrics Vol. 111, Number 2. , 2003. Page(s) 315-320.

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Joe Carter

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  • Bonnie

    I think that the picture is larger than that — Girls who have emotionally abusive or unsupportive relationships with their parents, parents with control issues relating to food, and who feel themselves to be social misfits and tend toward perfectionism are likely to develop eating disorders.

  • Paul

    Thanks for the family facts, great site. Stay at it! -Paul

  • Patrick (gryph)

    “It’s not because I don’t like them,” Huckabee said of gay people. “It’s because I like even more the idea that the heart and soul, the essence of our civilization is in the family. It’s not in the government. It’s not even in some institution, not even the church. Before there was the church, and before there was government, there was family.”
    Yup. He’s a prejudiced bigot all right. Whenever you hear language describing people as a “them”, the warning flag goes up. Notice that he is by deliberate omission removing gay and lesbian people from any possible valid family existence from the beginning of time. His world is a heterosexuals-need-only-apply place. Its a smarmy piety that excuses any cruelty or injustice so longs its in the name of “family values”.