Attention, bloggers!

Are you trying to launch the next best place in the blogosphere? Hoping to attract a few new readers? Or perhaps just experiencing writer’s block (blogger’s block?) and looking for some new material?
Boy have I been there. That’s why I was so excited when Thomas Nelson CEO Michael Hyatt announced a shiny new book review program.
It’s very simple: just go to, create a free account, and request your first book. All they ask is a 200 minimum word review to be posted on your blog, sent to them, and posted on consumer retail web sites like
I haven’t requested my first book yet because I want to catch up with my quickly-growing stack of review books from elsewhere first… but stay tuned!

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Rachel Motte

Rachel Motte is a freelance writer, journalist and editor specializing in social issues, educational affairs, and international religious freedom. Her work has appeared at, The Evangelical Outpost, The New Ledger, the Daily Caller, and in Jonah Goldberg’s recent anthology, Proud to Be Right. She is an alumna of Biola University, the Torrey Honors Institute, the Leadership Institute, and the World Journalism Institute. Rachel may be reached at rachel[at]rachelmotte[dot]com.

  • James Atticus Bowden

    If you have block – read my book.
    It’s about the election of 2012 and aftermath.

  • Wickle

    Free books, and all I have to do is tell people what I think about them? Whoo-hoo!
    This is like a dream come true! You’re now one of my favorite people.

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