Joe Carter’s Commonplace

Blogging — By on December 16, 2008 at 11:47 pm

I hope the new team will forgive me for jumping in, but I want to promote my new tumbleblogging venture, Joe Carter’s Commonplace.
Since I do most of my long-form writing a Culture11, I needed a place to post 33 Things-type material. I update it daily so please stop by and check in often. (Not to get all mushy but I miss you guys.)

  • ex-preacher

    Cool site, Joe. We miss you too.

  • ScottR

    Yes, we miss you too and glad you have a new place for 33 things!

  • David Wayne

    Thanks for doing this Joe – I’ve really missed your 33 things style posts.

  • schizo

    i mean no offense to the other contributers
    but can we have the old EV outpost? i subscriber to EO to hear what Joe carter has to say, there are hundreds of group blogs of evangelicals out there, and if this is going to become another one, its gonna suck majorly. if you do want to promote the writings of these new and talented young-lings, start a separate group blog,i am sure it will do great,
    here, just sell me Joe carter.
    a VERY long term reader
    PS I dont mind having just one post per week, or once in two weeks,
    PS just in case i am the lone dissenter, consider holding a poll

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