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Americans “Born Again” Under President Obama

Posted By Dustin R. Steeve On January 22, 2009 @ 12:59 pm In Democrats,Other Religions,Politics | 19 Comments

Apparently, we are “born again” as Americans through the redemptive work of President Barack Obama. Left unanswered, however, was the question of righteousness. It is clear to me that President Obama, by his merely assuming the office of the president, has made all America righteous before the world. However, I am left wondering if righteousness is imputed on me personally through the redeeming work of Obama being elected to the presidency or if it is imparted on me only through participation in President Obama’s government?

The Music Manuscript of Faith, iTunes, does not make the righteousness question clear to me:

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Christ lived a perfect life, was tempted by Satan, confronted the
leading thinkers and rulers of his day, loved people and exhorted them
out of sin.  His blood stained the wooden cross upon which his hands
and feet were nailed.  A crown of thorns pierced his skull and his deep
thirst was hardly satiated by the vinegar they pushed in his face.  By
the power of God He rose from the dead in order to complete His plan of
redemption for those who believe.  All of these things Christ had to do
in order for us to be “born again.”  The metaphor is meaningful because
of this work. 

What work has President Obama done to justify his followers’ use of this deeply Christian metaphor? 

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