How to Argue Like Jesus – by Joe Carter and John Coleman

Joe has written a book!


How to Argue like Jesus: Learning Persuasion from History’s Greatest Communicator

by Joe Carter and John Coleman

Joe sent me a note about the book in which he said: “Argue Like Jesus, which was written for both Christians and
non-believers, uses Jesus as a model of logic, rhetoric, and persuasion in order
to show how to be a more effective influencer and communicator. We think
students, bloggers, business people, and anyone else who needs to be persuasive
will find it useful (it’s short — 170 pages — and practically oriented).

You can learn more about it on our website:”

I have provided a link above so that you can purchase your copy of the book through Amazon.  I just ordered my copy and look forward to reading it. 

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Dustin R. Steeve

Dustin Steeve is a blogger and web enthusiast. Dustin's passion is to see his generation of Christians rise up as thought leaders, doing remarkable, good work Christianly. Dustin is interested in the rise of web media and increasingly prominent use of computer technology as a tool to aid people. Dustin worked for three years as the director of GodblogCon and is an adviser for the Christian Web Conference. Dustin graduated summa cum laude and received his B.A. in History from Biola University where he also graduated from Torrey Honors Institute. Dustin has completed some post-graduate work at the Stanford Graduate School of Business where he was appointed to the Dean's List and received a certificate of completion from the Summer Institute for General Management.

  • John

    Thanks for the plug, Dustin! We hope you enjoy the book. When you’ve had a chance to read it, I know Joe and I would love to hear what you think.

  • Jean

    Jesus argued so well that the establishment plotted to kill him. Good luck with your take on influencing effectively ;-)

  • exinuap

    Отлично!!! Вместо книги на ночь.

  • David N.

    “Jesus argued so well that the establishment plotted to kill him. Good luck with your take on influencing effectively ;-)”
    I too am skeptical about attempts to turn Jesus into a philosopher, a political figure, or even an “apologist” as we conceive of them today. It seems to me that Jesus merely proclaimed his message and demanded a response. Those who disagreed with Jesus, primarily the Pharisees, were not met with winsome persuasion tactics, but with harsh rebukes.
    That said, Jesus’ words have been the most influential in history, and even if the establishment plotted to kill him, that doesn’t really say anything about how effective he was at arguing his points and influencing people. Given the spread of Christianity to a third of the World’s population, it would seem that we could at least give Joe and John the benefit of doubt.

  • pentamom

    Yeah, it seems to me like they plotted to kill him precisely because His arguments created problems for them. Even the best rhetorician doesn’t convince his determined enemies, and ineffective ones aren’t considered a threat.
    Anyhow, the point of “arguing like Jesus” may not be to become the world’s “best” arguer, but to follow a model of doing it faithfully and in the power of the Spirit. Faithfully and persuasively don’t have to be the same thing anyway.

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