Rush Limbaugh, Conservative Leader?

Rush Limbaugh has ignited the blogosphere and the MSM with conversation about his speech at CPAC and his role within the conservative movement. At EO’s partner site the Scriptorium Daily, John Mark Reynolds wrote an thought provoking post “Rush Gave A Bad Speech” which has sparked conversation at Hot Air and Crunchy Con, among other sites. I spoke yesterday with John Mark and Paul Spears on their podcast Middlebrow about Rush’s role as a conservative leader. You can hear that podcast here.

Don’t forget to participate in our own conversation on the topic! Read Rachel’s great post here.

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Rachel Motte

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  • Boonton

    A post reminding us to look at the post that came right before it? Are you guys enrolled in some type of college blogging class and have a professor that is grading you on how many posts a week you make?

  • Dustin Steeve

    No, not at all. I understand that it may look a bit silly now, but who knows how people will stumble upon this post. If its through a search engine or through a link site, then the reader probably would not see Rachel’s post nor would they know to look for it immediately prior to mine, especially once both posts are off the homepage.
    Besides, using 1/5 of the total lines in the post to reference a previous post hardly counts as me writing a “post reminding us to look at the post that came right before.”

  • Boonton

    Ahhh, I think the downside to your idea, though, is that whenever you have two posts on the same topic right next to each other the comments tend to split over the two posts. Joe once did a 3 part series trying to ‘define conservatism’ and the comment threads ended up a mess. Didn’t happen here but it’s something to keep in mind…..
    More pressing, it looks like someone has hacked your blog. Every paragraph has some link to a dubious URL offering something for sale….