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In the very first post on EO—in October 2003—I noted that the inspiration for this blog was Hugh Hewitt’s book, In, But Not Of: A Guide to Christian Ambition and the Desire to Influence the World. At the time I wrote:

This blog was inspired by #32 (Start and maintain your own Web log (blog)). “At present,” Hewitt notes, “no great blogger has emerged with a distinctly evangelical worldview.” Point noted, Mr. Hewitt.

I’ll be here, holding down the fort, until such a blogger shows up.

I have to confess that I initially harbored delusions of grandeur, thinking that maybe I might become that rarefied blogger. But that—as anyone who has followed this site can attest—never happened. Instead, I found my true role as a blogger in another section of Hewitt’s vade mecum, chapter #33: Find Interesting People.

Over the past five and a half years I’ve found hundreds of interesting people—including dozens of great evangelical bloggers. The real value and benefit of EO has always been in helping to introduce readers of this site to the interesting people I’ve found.

In keeping with that mission, I’ve partnered with John Mark Reynolds and Dustin Steeve to change the format of this blog into an online journal. The change reflects our intention to introduce you a broad lists of young, up-and-coming evangelical authors who hail primarily from the site’s sponsors, the Torrey Honors Institute and Biola University.

Matthew Anderson—one of my oldest blog buddies—will be joining me as a senior editor. Together we hope to help shape these young writers, honing their writing and reasoning skills and preparing them to provide thoughtful reflections on culture, politics, and religion from an evangelical Christian worldview. Our goal is to make EO an incubator for developing intriguing opinions and introducing interesting individuals.

In the process, we plan to bring you an engaging and entertaining mix of content, from book reviews and essays to opinion pieces and link lists (i.e., the return of 33 Things) and much, much more. We especially want to provide critical reflection on matters—daycare, cremation, etc.—that few of us stop to consider.  Most of all, though, we plan to introduce you to interesting people—our contributors, our commenters, and our friends in the community of Christian bloggers. ‘

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Joe Carter

Joe Carter founded Evangelical Outpost in 2005. He is the web editor for First Things and an adjunct professor of journalism at Patrick Henry College. A fifteen-year Marine Corps veteran, he previously served as the managing editor for the online magazine Culture11 and The East Texas Tribune. Joe has also served as the Director of Research and Rapid Response for the Mike Huckabee for President campaign and as a director of communications for both the Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity and Family Research Council. He is the co-author of How to Argue like Jesus: Learning Persuasion from History's Greatest Communicaton.

  • John

    Welcome back, Joe. The new site looks fantastic, and it’s a great idea to use this as a forum for multiple talented writers. One of the things I loved about evangelical outpost when the two of us started blogging in 2003 was the way it addressed a breadth of issues with real thoughtfulness and from a Christian perspective. It seems this new site is poised to do the same. Good luck to you all!

  • ex-preacher

    I also like the look of the redesigned site. Your goals for the re-boot of EO seem ambitious – but that’s a good thing. Best wishes in reaching your target. As one of the non-evangelical curmudgeons who enjoys arguing with you guys, I appreciate the freedom to comment and sincerely hope that our dialogue brings us all a little closer to the truth. Now, back to the arguing.

  • Jason

    33 Things coming back? I’ll be stopping by more often again. That was one of my favorite items on the interwebs.

  • Tim

    You know, ex-preacher, you might not be so bad after all. :)

  • Shane Vander Hart

    Joe, I love the new digs! This is great!

  • Daniel Walsh

    I couldn’t find a way to contact you all other than to leave a comment, but I was curious as to how you choose your new contributors. I would be interested in applying, so to speak. How would I go about that?

    Thank you.

    Daniel Walsh

  • Matthew Lee Anderson


    Thanks for the comment. We’re still realizing that we’ve left little things off (like a search bar!) so we’re adding those slowly. Thanks for pointing out one more. : )

    Email me at matthew dot l dot anderson at gmail dot com. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

    Highest regards,


  • Scott Leonard

    While I like the new look and format, I don’t like the fact that there isn’t one overall RSS feed (or that the one on the upper right hand corner isn’t working). Call me a neanderthal, but I prefer to do my web reading through a feed aggregator, aka Google Reader. I like the layout, and the bringing together of great content, as I did with Joe’s last endeavor Culture11, but I really want to find out the latest updates on the entire page rather than having to subscribe to pieces. I might miss something of interest/edification that I wouldn’t be aware of if I was only subscribed to “33 Things”. Come on, feed me!!

  • Matthew Lee Anderson


    Thanks for the feedback. Keep it coming, if you have more thoughts/issues on the technical side. We’re aware of the RSS issues and are working to correct them. We’d like to keep the old RSS feed, since most people already have it lodged in their readers and are working to transition the new content on to that one. Stay tuned…

    Highest regards,


  • linds


    What is evangelical?

  • physics geek

    Looks good, Joe. Welcome back.

  • Corrie Bergeron


    Though I was online pre-www, you and Hugh got me blogging. (You introduced me to the concept of Yak Shaving.)

    Glad to see the Outpost is still here. Thanks especially for the reminder from my old pastor John Piper that some things are non-negotiable. I’m very glad to see that a solid tech team is bringing God’s timeless message to this generation.


  • Stephen C.


  • Jim C.

    Where are the archives of your original blog? I really like the excellent content and new format but would still like to have access to your archives. Otherwise friends I’ve introduced to the new blog will never believe me when I describe the unpredictable idiosyncratic character of the original Evangelical Outpost.

  • Collin Brendemuehl

    Ya, and I get stuck blogging with a bunch of women. Sheesh. ;-)

  • Matt Erickson

    Looking forward to the return of 33 things!

  • Mr. Incredible

    linds says:
    May 14, 2009 at 8:37 am

    What is evangelical?
    One who is born again is supposed to be, at once, evangelical. They are one in/and the same.

    An “evangelist” is one who travels from place to place, preaching the Gospel.

    You take it from there.

  • Don Bosch

    Kudos on the updated blog, though don’t we pine for the rough, clunky code that was our first child some days?

    Wonder how many blogs Hugh’s book hath wrought over the past half-decade.

    Grace and peace,

  • prophet666

    @Mr. Incredible
    everyone is born again and again so does that make everyone an evangelist

  • prophet666

    everyone is born again so does that make everyone an evangelist

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