Heartbreak for Haiti

It has now been a couple of weeks since a 7.0 magnitude quake devastated the island nation of Haiti.  Since the quake I’ve read and seen a great deal of analysis and reporting from the scene, but these sterile dissections, with their emphasis on data and statistics, are not sufficient for helping me fully wrestle with such an overwhelming situation.  Then a reader pointed me to this video, made by a Haitian, which helped me to understand the situation on a much deeper level – a level to which music uniquely speaks.

If you’ve not yet donated to help the relief efforts in Haiti, I encourage you do unto the least among us by donating to one of the many organizations doing excellent work to care for the people of Haiti both physically and spiritually.

*Editors Note: Video shrunk to fit parameters of blog, for full size video, click here.

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  • Don Neuendorf

    Here’s another video, with singing by a Haitian Lutheran congregation in Jacmel a few days after the quake.