33 Things: The Week’s Amusing and Intriguing Links

Cool technology, more Tim Burton (because, let’s admit it, we can never have enough), ‘how to survive in fairy land’, and (if you didn’t think that was random enough) Godzilla poetry. Yes, because we’re that awesome.

1. 83 years of Popular Science – for free!

2. Never mess with a police dog.  Ever.

3. Hipsterdom–it’s for the dogs.

4.  Slavery in America: an interview with IJM.

5. Salute Your Shorts: Tim Burton’s Short Films

6. Mrs. Stuarts Dailys: Hilarious and Sweetly Simple Sketches. Reminisent of B. Kliban, I think.

7. Heritage Farming: Is Wal-Mart the new Whole Foods?

8.   I Stopped Denying People: Ex- Bank of America CSR Tells All

9.  Godzilla Haiku

10. Miniature Worlds:

A friend of mine, staring at the map of Mordor that hung on the wall in our bachelor apartment, once asked how Sauron could feed all his orks. Another friend and I quickly pointed to the sea of Nurn and explained that there was an agricultural region on its banks and that additional foodstuffs could be imported from the tributary states in the south. It wasn’t the answer he expected.

11. Schrodinger’s Barbershop

12. Pray for Michael Spenser.

13. A surfing alpaca?

14. They say not to wear your heart on your sleeve… but what about your resume?

15. Trees who are women: no longer just the stuff of myths.

16. The FBI would like to be your Facebook friend.

17. Messiah College’s Richard Hughes asks, “…why do so many evangelical and fundamentalist Christians — people who clearly honor the Bible — so often disregard the two requirements that are central to the biblical vision of the kingdom of God, namely peacemaking and justice for the poor?”

18. Help wanted…real help.

19. Evidence for time travel in past events that could have been interesting.

20. Charting the Beatles.

21. Monks Throwing Snowballs.

22. Build your own Moving Castle.

23. Muppet Cupcakes!

24. Skinput is an innovative technology that appropriates the human body for acoustic transmission, allowing the skin to be used as a finger input surface.

25. Polling place photo project: How much of the Constitution do you know by memory?

26. Five short films use the same dialogue to tell very different stories – Here’s the trailer for “Parallel Lines”

27. “Instructions” when finding yourself inside a fairy tale.

28. When your new Facebook friend is the FBI.

29. Sobering Thoughts About Graduate School

30. Scrap Metal Sculptures: Might want one of these.

31. Have we discovered a new Shakespeare play?

32. Robert Kagan on The New Multilateralism:

This administration pays lip-service to “multilateralism,” but it is a multilateralism of accommodating autocratic rivals, not of solidifying relations with longtime democratic allies. Rather than strengthening the democratic foundation of the new “international architecture” — the G-20 world — the administration’s posture is increasingly one of neutrality, at best, between allies and adversaries, and between democrats and autocrats. Israel is not the only unhappy ally, therefore; it’s just the most vulnerable.

33. Light Writing Proposal (For the full story, click here) ‘

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