33 Things: The Week’s Amusing and Intriguing Links

Literature and beauty, yeah, yeah… and then aliens, bizarre bodily capabilities and other random, but oh-so-fascinating trivia. We all like to pretend we read the former, but just admit it–you’ll be sending the link about tongue-sight around the office.

1. One of the more intense chalk drawings I’ve ever seen.

2. Could lying be good for us?

3. Fallen Princesses– a photographer investigates what the modern age has in store for the Disney Beauties.

4. Will cracking your knuckles really give you arthritis?

5. How they achieve those 3D effects

6. Beauty is a Conservative Concern

Perhaps then, before conservatives engage in one more round of partisan or internecine disputation, they do best to seriously ponder the nature of a beautiful society. It is often remarked that we need less punditry. We could, however, use another Ambrosio Lorenzetti painting an Allegory of Good and Bad Government in our contemporary Palazzo Publico. Wilson’s series show this to be a possibility with precedent. The historical trajectory that yokes beauty and the fine arts to conservatism will be challenged and needs to be strengthened. But for those seriously interested in beauty, Wilson makes a winsome case that the variegated domain of conservatism is certainly a safe (and quite possibly the only) place to be.

7. Does Western Civilization Still Exist?

8. Solitude as Friendship

Introspection means talking to yourself, and one of the best ways of talking to yourself is by talking to another person. One other person you can trust, one other person to whom you can unfold your soul. One other person you feel safe enough with to allow you to acknowledge things—to acknowledge things to yourself—that you otherwise can’t. Doubts you aren’t supposed to have, questions you aren’t supposed to ask. Feelings or opinions that would get you laughed at by the group or reprimanded by the authorities.

9. Margaret Atwood Literary Cameo

10. Blinded Soldier Learns to See With Tongue

11. Attention, Homeschoolers: Here’s your chance to ask an expert about Classical Education.  On Youtube.

12. Worried your insurance coverage may change?  Get ready by learning how to negotiate a discount on medical bills.

13. Some things can’t be summarized: Peter Hitchens on poetry, prose, and his brother Christopher.

14. Your local library is a bastion of new and useful information.  Sometimes.

15. BENTO! The cutest food you’ll ever love to eat.

16. This is not futility–it is faithfulness. And other things housewives need to hear:

“There is undoubtedly more to the merciful service that Jesus describes in Matthew 25 than caring for the daily needs of the members of our own households. Housework is a beginning, not an end. But it is a beginning – not a sidetrack, not a distraction, but a beginning, and an essential one at that – in the properly Christian work of, among other things, meeting the everyday needs of others . . .”

17. Famous writers’ day jobs, and what they would make today.

18. Create your own poetry by erasure — if it’s legal.

19. Hollywood will probably ruin another children’s favorite by being unable to digest religion.

20. Look Deep Into the Mind’s Eye.

21. Space: It gets closer every day.

22. Self-esteem might not be all it’s cracked up to be.

23. NASA and SETI are writing their own version of the prime directive to help guide humanity as they interact with extra-terrestrial beings.

24. Budget shortfalls require cut-backs in education OR, as the kids know it, the best school year ever! (HT: Drudge Report)

25. We’re progressing down a path that we begun generations ago: (HT: Reddit.com – Cartoon from 1934)

26. Is Luke the mystery author of the letter to the Hebrews?

27. Are you a Cultural Anorexic, or a Cultural Glutton?

28. Don’t be a Falerian Schoolmaster.  Just don’t.

29. How do you Train Your Dragon? With a good dose of Narnia.

30. A steampunk cake made of pure win.  And robotic frosting.

31. The Jack Bauer Evangelism Program.

32. Phillip Blond Comes to Georgetown

33. Obama’s twitter hacked by a mind-reading Frenchman: Frenchman ‘hacked Obama Twitter’

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