33 Things: The Week’s Amusing & Intriguing Links

What do a mastodon, England, penmanship and gypsy jazz guitar have in common?
33 Things, of course!

1. Christ says ‘Fear not! For I have overcome the world.’  But are we obedient to that command?  Not so much

2. Shameless Plug! EO and Rachel Motte make their debut on The Matt Lewis Show.

3. Scholars Increasingly Embrace Some, but Not All, Digital Media.

4. You may be in danger of foreclosure even if you’re up on your mortgage payments; at least, your pets may be in danger because of it.

5. Contagious Behavior

6. Considering the whole person– er, farm.

7. Wish you could write pretty?  Check out The New Spencerian Compendium Of Penmanship. New, that is, for 1879.

8. Is black & white thinking a firm commitment to the truth, or an excuse for anti-intellectualism?

9. A Spring round up of Literary T-Shirts.

10. Along the same lines…Get a t-shirt with your favorite author!

11. Evolutionary psychology BINGO.

12. Guess the source:

“Is birth control the same as abortion? Definitely not.  An abortion requires an operation.  It kills the life of the baby after it has begun.”

13. PETA needs a new name. Cause “People Eating Tasty Animals” doesn’t really describe what they’re all about.

14. Ever notice that sometimes a moment can seem to last a lifetime?  These moments sure do.

15. Let their be weeping and gnashing of teeth: the Star Trek Experience is over. On the other hand, Captain Picard’s chair is for sale… (HT Todd Seavey)

16. Have you ever wanted to publish your own book?  Challies can help.

17. Are you having an affair with your online persona?  No?  Are you sure?

18. The Byzantine Musical Scale song! Because we all know how hard it is to master Byzantine chant.

19. Trying to get out of paying your taxes?  The IRS has heard a lot of excuses.

20. Time for a SoCal road trip!  It’s the perfect time of year to visit California’s weirdest landmark.

21. And they’ll know we are British by our… breakfast?

22. To continue our anglophile tendencies: More than a thousand words have been written about this picture’s depiction of “class struggle” in Britain, but most of those words about the picture have been factually incorrect.

23. Review: The Book of Sand–if one will not have Christianity, he may in the end have only horror.

24. Paul Graham, founder of VC firm YCombinator, tells us how to found a startup.

25. Parodies of the now (in)famous Tiger Woods Nike commercial.

26. Good news – the government will now pay your doctor on your behalf.  Bad news – there aren’t any doctors around to pay.

27. Joe Carter taught this guy to play guitar… ok, not really.  Joscho Stephan, “the world’s greatest living gypsy jazz guitarist” (HT: BoingBoing):

28. Macbeth and Macduff argue semantics.

29. The Mammoth, Mastodon and American Identity.

30. Self-esteem boost of the day: a burglar’s blooper reel.

31. If you’re worried about grey hair, fret no more: you’re right on trend!

32. Common wisdom may be worth more than we thought….at least in terms of diet.

“One of the things I’m trying to do in both projects is question the premise that science is the only source of authority we have on matters having to do with food in our bodies. Long before nutrition science, we had something called culture that guided us on the same questions. People have been dealing with health long before there was science, certainly before nutrition science. We’re constantly reading about scientific studies that support old wives’ tales.”

33. Romeo and Juliet: Twittering near you!

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