33 Things: The Week’s Amusing & Intriguing Links

1. Louis Armstrong and Danny Kaye: talk about a wonderful world!

2. Has the Large Hadron Collider destroyed the world yet?

3. Bouncing balls (and other falling things) like you’ve never seen ’em before.

4. “The Towns That Chocolate Built”

5. The fertility of fundamentalism.

6. Mary Baker Eddy, meet John Calvin.

7.Redeeming Robert Frost from his popularity — by remembering his “good-humored self awareness.”

8. Manga = Truth.  Or at least nonfiction.

9. It’s time for a menaissance:

10. Is 26 the new 18?

So go ahead, 20-somethings, get married if you meet that special someone. You’ll never have as much money as you want or think you need. Consider singleness, so long as you’ve been called. Serve your neighbors and fellow believers as your spiritual family. Use your parents’ health insurance until 26 if you must and they remain willing. Just don’t presume upon their kindness to support your nightlife. And by all means, please don’t let them call your boss.

11. Is it possible to escape performance anxiety?  Maybe.

12. Botox doesn’t just freeze your face… it may also reduce your ability to actually feel emotion.

13. Wonder what Mark Twain thought of the books he read?  Well, he wrote in the margins so you can read it for yourself.

14. In celebration of Earth Day: 7 rules for the new environmentalist movement to live by.

15. The Perils of the Pony Express.

16. Typos through the ages.

17. A Time-Traveler Found?

18. Another ‘Bold New Vision’ for NASA.

19. Should public schools prohibit funding to diversity clubs because they refuses to allow KKK members to be elected club officers?  The Supreme Court is about to decide.

20. The examined life, Age 8.

21. Apple’s next iPhone.

22. Designing for the iPad – it’s not just a big iPhone.

23. The liberals at Dangerous Minds think this video proves the anti-intellectualism of Tea Partiers.  What say you:

(Shameless Plug: EO’s Joi Weaver weighs in on a local Tea Party.)

24. What happens after you save the princess:

25. Why smart people defend bad ideas.

26. Consequence of sin, or really awesome superpower?

27. Did the Early Church Fathers know the Gospel?

28. The recent controversy at Trinity University tells us a lot about the loss of Christian conviction in the universities and the insanity of secular revisionism.

29. The Deadliest Place in the Solar System is Beautiful– Check out these awesome, hi-res images of the sun.

30. Yub Yub! The infamous Ewok song, sung by a Barbershop Quartet.

31. “What is sleep?”

32. A New Age for Cuckoo Clocks

33. Just in case you were missing the point of Earth Day…or if you were just missing “Earth Day.” ‘

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