33 Things: The Week’s Interesting & Intriguing Links

1. Google’s Demise.

2. Kung fu bear from Japan.  Seriously.

The obligatory ‘Lost’ links:
3. Unsatisfied by the LOST finale?  You’re not alone.

4. Wired: As Lost Ends, Creators Explain How They Did It, What’s Going On

5. Fill the Lost Shaped Hole in Your Life….With Friday Night Lights

6. How Lost should have ended.

7. Ken Burns get you ready to hit the national parks this summer?  The NPS is working hard to make sure they’re everything you hope they’ll be.

8. Bill Gates told Steve Jobs about the iPad in 2007.  Steve Jobs thought that PCs were the future.

9. Parents beware: What are the Disney Princesses really teaching your daughter?

10. Sex and the City: call it trendy, but don’t call it feminism.

11. Rebelling against adolescence

12. The Elephant and the Dragon: Of Republicans and Tea Parties

13. Confessions of a Hipster…

14. Beam me up, Scotty!

15. Before you are foreclosed on or before you file for bankruptcy, you should think about a short-sale of your home.  Here’s a helpful website to answer your questions about an important technique that might help you get out of your messy upside-down mortgage situation.

16. The reason using your phone while you travel costs so much money: “So what is it? Price fixing? Excessive regulation? Actual expenses? Why on earth does it cost 20 times more to visit a webpage on your smartphone on one part of the planet’s surface over another? The reasons are complicated, but don’t abandon all hope—yet.”

17. Afghanistan war costs are now outpacing costs of the Iraq war.

18. Anthony Esolen on Shakespeare as a Christian:

There is an abundance of evidence to show that Shakespeare was a profoundly Christian playwright—and far more thoroughly concerned with the theology of grace, repentance, and redemption than any of his contemporaries. Here I should like to note one characteristic of his view of the world that seems to spring from his Christian faith—for it certainly does not spring from any recrudescence of paganism in the Renaissance, nor from the worldly laxity that sets in with the fading of western man’s assurance of Christian dogma and morals. For Shakespeare, chastity is as near to an absolute value as it is possible for a virtue to be.

19. Apple overtakes Microsoft as the world’s most valuable technology company.

20. 3 Facebook settings every user should check – now!

21. Your high school aged kid is smart, ambitious, and Christian.  Sign him or her up for Wheatstone this week – you’ll remember Wheatstone as one of the best decisions you ever made for your child’s education.  THIS IS THE FINAL WEEK TO REGISTER!

22. One woman’s tribute to (and confession of) everything she purchased for three years.

23. Google search as poetry.

24. Your parents don’t have to be well-read for you to be educated…they just have to keep books around (would this work with a kindle?)

25. The Info Ladies of Bangladesh

26. Phoenix Loses A Wing

27. Edible crayons!

28. Perfect for foodie fanboys (and fangirls!)

29. I Hate It When That Happens:  Today Show host Ann Curry Confuses Wheaton Colleges….in a Commencement Address

30. Abraham Piper is as Intrigued by Himself as We are With Him (Bonus points if you can follow all the layers of self-linking at work here)

31. The Society of American Law Teachers may be boycotting US News Law School Rankings- citing the weight given to LSAT scores as an inhibitor to diverse law school classes.

32. Facebook got the attention of Congress, but CEO Mark Zuckerberg is not too happy about it.

33. Is Hollywood whitewashing the film versions of popular fiction? You bet it is. ‘

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