Getting Outside the Box

Hello again! Welcome back. We only have a few weeks left and Danielle and I are excited to broaden our discussion beyond some of the texts and movies we’ve been watching and hope you find it interesting as well.

This past week we watched:

Superman Returns

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

“The Lazarus Experiment” from Dr. Who (3.06)

“Cataclysmo and the Battle for Earth,” a web serial by our very own Josh Sikora available at

We also read the final chapter and epilogue of the graphic novel Kingdom Come.

In this podcast, we look at the relationship between heroes and villains and wonder if you need a great villain for a great hero. When we look at heroes and villains, heroes have a unique way of approaching the world compared to their counterparts (beyond standing for truth and justice and the American way). Danielle and I discuss the difference between the 3D thinking of heroes and the flat, 2D thinking of villains. Finally, we look past heroes and villains and consider when (and how) we should think outside the box (like heroes often do).

As always, Danielle and I would love to hear from you. You can reach us at or comment below.

Thanks for listening! Enjoy the podcast. ‘