Twenty | 21 May 2010

Two nights ago, five paintings were stolen from the Paris Museum of Modern Art.  Among them was this piece, L’Olivier pres de l’Estaque, by Georges Braque.

Twenty is a collection of apparently disparate images that have been thoughtfully selected to complement a great work of art (displayed first in the collection below).

Every individual image may be contemplated in conjunction with the original one (as a diptych), by itself (as a distinct work of art), or the collection may be experienced as a single unit (as a visual poem, story, or piece of music – pick your metaphor).  All images link to their source and are either public domain or copyright that source.  Any image that is not so linked is my own.

  • drsteeve


    What's the relationship between the black and white (or non-color photos) and the others? The former seem very out of place.

  • Peter David Gross

    Each of them was chosen for different reasons and each of them was chosen for multiple reasons, none of which, obviously, were their color. With a painting like this one it’s pretty easy, I think, to let its color take over your consciousness. You forget about composition, application methods, philosophical implications… subject matter even. So I wanted to be sure to include a few pieces that specifically related to those other aspects without reference to reds, blues, yellows.. These are those.

    I don’t like to say too much about these sets, but I’ll elaborate (briefly and somewhat elliptically) on the black and white photos since you asked. There are three black and white photographs. I picked one because of its compositional similarities and overlapping philosophical projects as compared to the painting, one because it seemed like a sort of personification of the painting, and one for historical and sentimental reasons. I also think they all contribute to making the third picture in this set more interesting and are all likewise made more interesting by it.

    That give you enough of a start to go off of?

  • http://attttttt.ccom Maeglin

    did the one guy in the b&w picture have part of his hair shot off?

  • peterdgross

    Probably bitten.