33 Things: The Week’s Amusing & Intriguing Links

1. “Is Marquette Free to be Catholic?”

2. Justice Souter’s Commencement Address to Harvard Graduates

3. A “menaissance” is under way, and the classically clad “retrosexual” is leading the charge.

4. Just tell him the last five books you read, and he’ll tell your future…book.

5. A growing collection of actual courses from Ivy League Universities (this includes Oxford and Cambridge) Most of these courses also provide course material.  The best part is, it’s FREE!  Education for the Masses!

6. Submit your accent for research.

7. What an oyster has to say about…Jamestown?

8. “The right to remain silent” doesn’t apply… when you start talking.

9. If success breeds contempt, then bloggers are finally making it big.

10. On Waxing the Face of a Thirteen-Year-Old Girl

11. The Quest for Frisson

12. Librarians: not as quiet as you thought.

13. The gift of a mother’s voice

14. Superheroes have to go to school too, you know.

15. Hey, at least they got his name right…

16. Peggy?  Ted?  Harry?  Who comes up with these names, anyway?

17. Socrates meets the Home Shopping Network:

Do not thank me, Glaucon, for I have merely demonstrated to you what you already know about the EZ-Klean Mop™.

18. How to get your camera back if/when you leave it or lose it.

19. Lost, re-enacted by cats in 2 minutes:

20. It may be time to throw out that bulky home entertainment system.  Meet the future: a combination of Jeeves & R2D2.

21. It may be a ‘duh’, but Jesus didn’t read the New Testament.

22. Jordi Savall’s Jerusalem in concert:

“Jerusalem is a city that makes you feel you are very close to the heavens because the clouds, they are very close,” Savall says. “The city is in a high space, and you feel in a very different situation than anywhere else in the world.”

23. Christian music….from SPAAAAAACE!

24. What’s in a name? Just your destiny, that’s all.

25. One, Two, Three… Say “Potato Starch!”

26. Use the sounds of the streets of Hamburg to compose music: the Philharmoniker Hamburg uses 5 webcams and the millions of Hamburg resident to give you urban musical sounds, all at your disposal.

27. A fun way to teach your kid (or yourself) about the sounds and look of 5 different natural habitats: Echogenesis.

28. You, yes you can conduct an a capella or beatbox band! In French! (Or English, if you want to be boring.)

29. Music for Kids Who Can’t Read Good brings you the [indie] sounds of summer.

30. An imagination bank. Share what you imagine, read the imaginations of other.

31. Now this is just cool. Design your own flame-art. (See example below…)

32. Hope for human spaceflight?

33. Ye Olde Medieval Fortress… in Arkansas

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