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Julia Kiewitt

1. “The New Philistinism”

2. “The Birds and the Bees (via the Fertility Clinic)”

3. “Should This Be the Last Generation?”

4. “The University Guild vs. Glenn Beck”

Amy Cannon

5. Yet another indicator that George Orwell’s “1984” was just a few decades early: the sticky ethical territory of rewriting memories.

6. Humility helps business.

7. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies…and Pictures!

8. Jesus, meet Jesus, because I really want you both to meet…Jesus

Joi Weaver

9. Stories Behind the Sideshow: You’ve heard of The Elephant Man, but do you know the story of Joseph Carey Merrick, or any other sideshow performer? Read their stories: they will amaze you.

10. It’s Time to Talk About the Burgers and the Bees

11. Life Advice From Old People

12. A wombat. A dead god. A very peculiar epic.

Jennifer Gaertner

13. “Homer! Buffy! Jack Bauer!” In Honor of Iconic TV Charachters

14. A Basic Rule for Spending Money from Seth Godin

15. The Future of the Internet

Rachel Motte

16. Israel, Trapped in Plato’s Cave:
Sometimes it is the duty of responsible people to reject the shadows in favor of reality. And in the case of Israel — not always, but often enough — the reality is this: it is being condemned not because of its actions; it is being condemned because of its very existence, because of its very nature, and yes, because of its Jewishness. The objections against Israel are not specific to this or that act; they are existential.

17. French Archaeologists Dig up 1983 Picnic Remains

18. Subtle eye-makeup from the tasteful, restrained era history calls “The 70s.”

19. This 8-month-old baby is hearing sound for the very first time:

20.  Am I still under oath?  What about the right to remain silent – do I still have th

Dustin Steeve

21. Dr. Trevor Hart – professor at St. Andrews in Scotland – shares the gospel.

22. The dark side arises for phone apps:

“In one incident, Google pulled dozens of unauthorized mobile-banking apps from its Android Market in December. The apps, priced at $1.50, were made by a developer named “09Droid” and claimed to offer access to accounts at many of the world’s banks. Google said it pulled the apps because they violated its trademark policy.

The apps were more useless than malicious, but could have been updated to capture customers’ banking credentials, said John Hering, chief executive of Lookout, a mobile security provider. “It is becoming easier for the bad guys to use the app stores,” Mr. Hering said.”

23. Steve Jobs WWDC keynote talk (where he reveals the iPhone 4) in 90 seconds:

Renee Bolinger

24. Something is better than nothing, but i have spent very little time at the computer or reading or anything this week. Here’s what i’ve come across:

25. Working on a presentation?  Wondering whether to use the font ‘comic sans’? Here’s your answer.

26. Improv everywhere pranks New Yorkers…. again.  This time, by offering what they’ve always wanted: a tourist lane.

27. Some of the most terrifying playgrounds… ever.

28. String theory… It’s actually just a maze made out of yarn.  You could solve this dilemma with a sword, or scissors.

29. Does the internet actually make us shallow human beings?  Science gets into the debate: looks like our brains might be changing.

Robin Dembroff

30. Try your hand at editing a documentary on a sensitive topic. Good luck, and try not to make anyone hate you.

32. Hype Machine is a mp3 aggregator that draws from indie music blogs. Find the song that you heard once in passing, and never forgot. Or, find the better song that came up on Hype Machine instead after you put the title in wrong about ten times. Not that I’ve ever done that or anything.

33. How to craft/create a joke. Of course, I was only attracted to this link because I’m so awful at writing jokes. But we don’t need to talk about that. ‘

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