33 Things: The Week’s Amusing & Intriguing Links

Have at it.

Peter Gross

1. The Artist is Present. You go into a modern art museum, right?  Main exhibition room.  OK.  Main exhibition: the artist herself, sitting in a chair, waiting to stare right back into your eyes.  Here’s a slideshow of the people who sat with her.  If nothing else (though I think it’s likely quite a bit more), it’s an intriguing set of portraits.

2. The Poet Laureate reads her poems.  They’re short and very sweet.

3. AOL (formerly American Online) just rebranded (hence the name change) to both thunderous applause and murderous objections in the design community.  See if you can figure out why.  One of the things that has come of it, however, is a broad-ranging new corporate sponsorship of art.  Here’s a site with some of the pieces made for the newest iterations of the Aol. identity(?)

Rachel Motte

4. Curious George and the iPad


6. A working Lego printer that would make even McGuyver proud

7. She hadn’t counted on him taking the “Trophy Wife” thing this far.

8. You too can sleep in a pew without censure


10. And you thought the World Cup was exciting:

Renee Bolinger

11. Recently, a teen attempting to circumnavigate the globe was foiled by rough seas and had to call for help.  Curious what goes on in the minds of kids who wish they could sail across the world alone, in a tiny boat?  Read Abby Sunderland’s blog.

12. How do you know when the education system is failing?  When the teachers cheat on the kids’ tests.

13. Lost in all the bustle over the oil spill, Iran is happily moving forward to develop nuclear technology.  The international response?  Oh, let’s try beating a dead horse: put more partial sanctions on the country. The Council on Foreign Relations assesses the likely failure of the brilliant plan.
14. In his first address from the Oval Office, President Obama used strong, martial rhetoric to indicate his determination to win the war against the oil spill… but it’s a bit unclear exactly how.
15. There are lots of crazy competitions, most demanding some act of skill or courage or prowess.  For robots, these competitions are bit more subtle: check out the handshake competition.

Julia Kiewett

16. Rule of Law, or Politics?

17. Colorado man on solo mission to kill Bin Laden

18. What’s Wrong with America’s Right?….from the perspective of The Economist

Joi Weaver

19. Missing Camera Found, With Video Taken By Sea Turtle

20. The Australian Angel

21. The Infinity Cocktail Table Will Make Your Brain Hurt

22. “Sometimes It’s Just Hard”

23. Ebert on Twitter

Amy Cannon

24. The importance of Psycho‘s iconic soundtrack to the movie.

25. I bet fire was a big deal, too, when that was invented….

26. By divine judgment, cosmic justice, or freak accident, “Touchdown Jesus” is gone. And turns out to have been highly flammable

Robin Dembroff

27. The T.W.I.N.K.I.E.S. Project

Lindsay Stallones

28. Publishers have been gouging educational institutions for years. Now it looks like the UCs are biting back.

29. What will you be doing in December?  I’ll be watching this.

30. Why should you get up at 4am to watch a World Cup match?  Torrey’s own Allen Yeh explains.

Jennifer Gaertner

31. Sperm-Donor Children More Likely to Suffer from Depression

32. Why Black Licorice is AWESOME.

33. In Praise of Tough Criticism

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