33 Things: This Week’s Amusing and Intriguing Links

1.     Beauty, sentimentality, and the gospel:

“Indeed, as the church seeks a role in the arts, it must reclaim a
more mature concept of beauty. As we recognize and embrace the
heartlonging in many works of art, we may make a convincing
proclamation of the whole gospel message. Finding a way to the full
expression of beauty, however, is a challenge. The danger is beauty’s
menacing half-sister, sentimentality. How does sentimentality work
against beauty? And further, how does sentimentality work against the

2.     Morgan Robertson wrote a short story based upon the famous sinking of the Titanic…14 years before it happened!

3.     When a church tries too hard to be relevant:

4.    “If a society had no knowledge of Christianity, and then a Bible were discovered, what would happen?” A manly action-adventure novel, that’s what.

The Sword Trailer from Crossway on Vimeo.

5.     Watching the new Doctor Who series? (The season finale airs Saturday on BBC America!)  So are these guys, and they’re writing about what makes scifi great: it’s ability to explore religion, philosophy, ethics, and other huge topics in a way no other genre can.

6.     A new kind of colon

7.     Reading as self-completion

8.     Listen to Faulkner on reading and writing

9.     What unites the Right and the Left on the new financial reform package?  Trying to stop the war against women in the Congo.

10.     Ever wonder if our system of voting is the best there’s been?  So did Anthony Gottlieb.

11.     Smart girls have more fun

12.     The beginning of the end

13. Business motivations: they’re not what we think they are. That’s why Linux, Apple, and Skype succeed.

14.     Labeling Things: It’s Important

15.     Thank your mom for making you take piano lessons

16.     The Challenge of Imperfection

17.     Last things: On rereading Plato’s Apology

18.     Vacation Apologetics:

Many have asked me previously “How can you teach younger kids about apologetics and defending the faith?”  Well, here’s one good way. I’ve taken my family on a vacation touring the American Southwest.   Along with a rich look at our heritage, I’m finding many opportunities to examine worldviews and the way that they shape people’s attitudes.  I’ll be blogging about my experiences and observations as we go, allowing you to come with us and see ways you can also discuss ideas with your families and friends.

19.     The trashed airbender: give him more tomatoes.

We made a sign for the book sale this weekend on Twitpic
21.     Math genius refuses $1 Million prize; quits job, moves in with mother instead

22.     Where have all the children gone?

23.     A water experiment for every day of the month… take that, summer doldrums!

24.     Bad translation makes fundamentalists of us all:

So next time you hear in the news or in a movie an Arabic guy saying “Praise be to God,” remember he may just be saying “Great, the electricity is back.”

25.     We now know what Harpo Marx’s blog would have looked like:

26.   Book art:

27. Popular porcupine, or ugly puppy? You decide.

28.     Nigerian couple stuns genetics experts, gives birth to blue-eyed blond baby

29.     What do Ronald Reagan, Harvey Milk, and John Muir have in common?

30.     He and the girl of his dreams escaped from Auschwitz… and didn’t get married.

31.   This is for all of you who’ve ever wondered what a fugue looks like.  You know who you are.

32.     Why I am a politically Conservative artist

33.      Another 33 Things! Wow, it’s like he’s copying us… or something. ::cough::’

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