33 Things: This Week’s Amusing & Intriguing Links

1.     A new thing to do with your iPhone: take arial footage or play helicopter wars with a friend.

2.     Wonder what the new wave is in google technology?  Here’s a guess: it’ll learn your language, not just process it.  For the philosophy nerds, that might mean it’ll pass the Turing test and the Chinese room objection.  This could be huge.

3.     So it hasn’t quite explained ‘Why Gravity’ yet, but the Gravity Probe is working on it.

4.     Crave all the expense and high-maintenance of a baby, but don’t want it to be cuddly?  They’re developing a robot for people like you to take care of.

5.     An image explaining the oil cycle (it’s like the water cycle, but different).

{Photo credit: fakescience.tumblr.com}

6.     “Wild Justice” research forces “personhood” definitions back to the drawing board.

7.     Our Nation’s 17th Poet Laureate

8.     That Lolcats Guy

9.     “‘Live Long and Prosper’ Hand Gesture Was Originally a Jewish Sign

11.     “So” is one powerful little word.
“In the 1990s, Columbia University psychologist Stanley Schachter counted how often professors said “uh” and “um” in lectures and found that humanists said them more than social scientists, and natural scientists said them less frequently of all. Because such words mark places where a speaker is choosing what to say next, Schachter argued, natural scientists’ low hesitation rate underscored the hard facts they were communicating. “So” can be said to have the inverse relation for exactly the same reason. It relays a sense of accuracy and rigor. One doesn’t have to worry about what to say as much as when to say it. “So” is the organizing device for a logic-driven thought process.”

10.     Have you seen (or heard) this website?

12.     “Denim and Music: An Enduring Love Story”

13.     Wonder Woman: New and improved? Not really. (A boring costume means we’re sure to forget her)

Lauren Beckham Falcone: “‘What woman only wears only one outfit for 60-plus years?’ The same woman who has an invisible airplane?”

14.     Why Islam will never accept the state of Israel:

If this is really a conflict of different nationalisms and not Islamic supremacism, then why is it that virtually no non-Arab Muslim states have full (if any) relations with Israel? (HT The Pearcey Report)

15.  Sometimes a picture is worth 22 Words:

16.     Someone ought to tell this poor woman that breastfeeding is in fact the easiest way to get back some semblance of your pre-pregnancy body. Guess the joke’s on her.

17.     Infamy:

I attend a Lutheran congregation in north Minneapolis, one that belongs to the church body I work for. It’s large but not huge. The senior pastor has made himself visible in the media for a number of years as a critic of the liberal church, and of modern trends such as universalism, women’s ordination, higher criticism of the Bible, and the normalization of homosexuality. He is a single man.

Last night, while watching local news on television, I discovered that he’d been “outed” as a homosexual.

He was not discovered in a “gay” bar. He was not discovered having sex with another man in a public rest room.

According to the news accounts I’ve seen (emanating from liberal sources) he was discovered attending a support and accountability group in a Roman Catholic church. He was speaking honestly, to men he trusted, about his struggles, slips, and temptations.

In other words, he was doing precisely what people on our side of the argument say a man in his situation ought to do. He is the very opposite of a hypocrite.

18.     Staples, push pins, and packing tape. No, it’s not your home office shopping list–it’s ART!

19.     “Ever had trouble getting your kids to eat their meat? Well, we can just about guarantee that the kiddies won’t turn down a rainbow of sweet, sweet bacon.”

20.     Does reading about masculinity make you more masculine, or less?

21.  Everything seems empty and pointless.  Discuss.

I believe I am here because my parents couldn’t resist their urges in a certain day and time, I share your nihilistic view however I keep going because of my primal instinct of survival.

22.    A loose adaptation of the young life of St. Francis of Assisi (warning: language)

Brother, Sister, You, Me from Isaac Pletcher on Vimeo.

23.     On Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood:

So now I come to you, reader, willing and even eager to risk you thinking me uncool by daring to recommend, as Neil Tankersly did to me, that you too would do well to spend a little time in Mister Roger’s neighborhood. You will find that your days there are beautiful ones indeed.


25.     Having faith like Robert Pattison

26.     How many types of intimacy are there?  More than you might think.

27.     Bible translators hope to have every language covered in 15 years.


29.     Stand back… I’m going to try science.  In 7th grade.

30.     You know that whole oil spill thing?  Yeah, it’s happened before.

Thirty-one years since the worst oil spill in North American history blanketed 150 miles of Texas beach, tourists noisily splash in the surf and turtles drag themselves into the dunes to lay eggs.

“You look around and it’s like the spill never happened,” shrugs Tunnell, a marine biologist. “

31.     Typography mustaches.  That’s right, I said typography mustaches.


33.  Another 33 Things!

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