Why I’m Rowing Across the Pacific – Lunch w/ TED

Lunch with TED — By on July 15, 2010 at 12:00 am

Roz Savage was a woman living a comfortable life with a good job.  Then she decided to pursue an adventure, an adventure that has led her to a rowing journey across the world’s major oceans.

Self-discovery.  For Roz Savage, the challenge and triumph of rowing across the Atlantic was transformative.  Her priorities, her concerns, and her understanding of what she was able to accomplish shifted from those of a woman living a comfortable life working a 9-5 job to activist for the oceans across which she has pulled herself.

Self-discovery.  I’m 25 years old gazing into the future wondering who I am and what I am to do.  Foremost on my mind is a pressing urgency to live obediently unto the Lord.  I’m left to wonder how God desires to use me uniquely to honor Him.  For me, the challenge and triumph of the Torrey Honors program at Biola University was transformative.  It shifted my priorities, concerns, and understanding of what I am able to accomplish from those of a boy hoping to make Christianity (and the church) more relevant to those of a man longing to introduce the world to the deep things of God.

Self-discovery.  It is hard work.  It requires we take action to do those things about which we dream.  It requires that we fail.  It requires that we try again.  To me, this paragraph sounds cliche.  It is cliche.  It is cliche insomuch as everyone who has ever succeeded says it.

What are you doing today?  Why are you doing it?  Is it what you feel called to do?  Is it what God would have you do?  Think about it.  Then decide: what will you do tomorrow?

“But what do you do? Fall down nine times, get up ten.” ‘