33 Things: This week’s amusing and intriguing links

1.     Going to lose your house? Ask Superman to save you!

2.     How technology has made romance more Austenian than ever:

3.     ?!

4.     Judges exercise considerable (and disputed) power right and left- no wait, that would be left and left.

5.     “Civil suit” no longer signifies plain clothes to the CIA: “Father of Internet Imam sues CIA.” And American agencies are helping him do it.

6.     18 months ago the world swooned at President Barack Obama. Celebrating his 49th birthday, the President isn’t enjoying the same reception.

7.     Show Me the World: A “Horizontal” View of Art

8.     Adult Stem Cell Research Ahead of Embryonic Stem Cell Research

9.     Thought-Controlled Prosthetic Limb System to Be Tested on Human Subjects

10.     Inception: A Review of a Review of a Review

11.     Forget Double Rainbows: here’s a triple sunset

12.    Can Jewish Theology Help Avoid the Butlerian Jihad?

13.     Giant Papier-Mache Calvinist Puppets of Doom!

14.     How a Fish Almost Destroyed My Childhood

15.     What Happens When You Give Catnip to a Tiger?

16.     Step Into a Room of Books:

17.     So many catechisms, so little time.  If only someone would review them so I’d know where to start. Oh wait!  Someone is doing just that!

18.     What are cell phones for?  Maybe not what you think.

19.     For that matter, what is Foursquare for? Maybe not what you want to think it’s for.

20.     Five ways to lose the perfect job applicant

21.     The wreck of the narcissist

22.     Wave goodbye now...

23.     Look into my eyes.  I mean your eyes.  I mean… seriously, just look.

24.     How ugdorable!

25.     The Ghosts of WWII’s Past:

26.     Slow motion lightning:

27.     FBI vs. Wikipedia

28.     America in Color, 1939-1943

29.     How to “pirate” your favorite record

30.     Welcome to the future: Be amazed. Be astounded. Be annoyed.

31.     Autosummarizing the classics:

32.     How to clean toner from carpet: and have a good time while doing so.

33.  Another 33 Things (ours has more pictures and is therefore better, right?  Right?)’

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