33 Things: This week’s amusing and intriguing links

1.     The fridge of the future: George Jetson sold separately.

2.     How to pack the ultimate school lunch and be your kid’s hero for all time (or at least through the 4th grade)

3.     Gambling for grades: the next best study motivator, or internet gambling gone wrong?

4.     Even libraries can be slippery when wet.

5.     Money saving tips:

Leave your monitor turned off when you use your computer. You’ll save up to 23% on your electric bill, and as a bonus you’ll be sharpening your memory skills.

6.     Good and bad reasons to teach your child how to do chores

7.     “You’re the narcissist.”  “No, YOU’RE the narcissist.”

8.     Why exactly are ugly animals so ugly?

9.     Poor grammar is a worse sin than vandalism…right?

10.     Notes from the (Moscow) Underground

11.     It’s not easy to admit, but personal vice fuels the sex trafficking industry.  Here are some practical things men can do to fight it by cultivating virtue.

12.     Kurt Vonnegut’s advice to young writers. Can the internet get any cooler?

13.     While the pundits obsess over the Kagan confirmation and the <i>Perry v. Schwarzenegger</i> verdict, you can focus on something amazing members of both parties did in Congress this week.

14.     Oddly Mesmerizing Art

15.     Dostoyevsky Memorialized…In a Train Station

16.     How-To, Batman! How to Dress For a Job Interview

17.     Revolutionizing the Cookie Dunk

18.     Never Enough Beauty, Never Enough Truth

20.     Fighting Crime by Reading Minds

21.     How black people use Twitter.   (HT: Matt Mireles)

22. Federal workers earn double their private counterparts.  Why is this the case?  Well…

“Public employee unions say the compensation gap reflects the increasingly high level of skill and education required for most federal jobs and the government contracting out lower-paid jobs to the private sector in recent years.”

So there dumb, dumb.  Go work your private job and don’t forget to pay your taxes – your smarter nanny needs to take care of you.  Ooops, I think you drooled on yourself.

23.     Why do conservative Christians spend so much time concerned with sexual politics?

“eastern civilization is, as the conservative thinker Peter Viereck once noted, a Greek-Roman-Jewish-Christian amalgam. The sexual revolution undermines, subverts, and will eventually replace Christian culture, causing a radical—though gradual—transformation of Western civilization. Christianity will continue, of course, as will Christian culture. As long as there are there are Christians, there will be Christian culture and eschatological hope. What will be different is that one of the pillars that uphold the West will be missing.”

24.     What is an economy?

“Kling has a different answer, which derives from his alternative theory of economies. For Kling, “economic activity consists of sustainable patterns of specialization and trade,” not the total amount of spending. The financial crisis and Great Recession, therefore, are the consequences of unsustainable patterns.”

25.     C. S. Lewis back from the dead for one night only!  Well, almost.

26.     Is Calvinism Good for the Church?

27.     Al Mohler on the recent Prop 8 decision and the future of marriage in America.

28.     Why you shouldn’t try to avoid having a bad college roommate

29.     A hilariously spoiler-filled Inception parody (thanks to Sean Gaffney for the find):

30.    Not many people would risk their lives to restore a marsh, but then again, not many people understood why Saddam Hussein took the time to drain it in the first place.

31.     Dream-like photography from the 1890’s (dude, they had cameras back then?!  Who knew!)

32.     The Christian Institute on Disability (It’s just cool that this exists.)

33.     50 Things a Woman Should Never Do

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