33 Things: This Week’s Amusing & Intriguing Links

1.   Joe Carter Facts

#joecarterfacts are not copies of #chucknorrisfacts. They are the Platonic Form Chuck Norris only wishes he could partake in.

2.     You are older than you think.

Born when Ross Perot was warning about a giant sucking sound and Bill Clinton was apologizing for pain in his marriage, members of this fall’s entering college class of 2014 have emerged as a post-email generation for whom the digital world is routine and technology is just too slow.


4.     The front fell off. That’s not very typical, you know.
5.     Atlas shrugged…but I thought it was neat!
6.     Sort of like a sadder, more realistic “From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler.”
7.     What to do when you hate the book someone you love recommended
8.     Ya, but did the Victorians have problems with their predictive text, too?

9.      A cop teaches you the science of fingerprints

10.    Slowed down 800%, Justin Bieber actually sounds good

1.     Japanese-style hotdogs?

12.   Unsettlingly realistic bacon scarf

13.   3-year old recites Tennyson flawlessly

14.     Singin‘ on the Moon!

15.     Philosopher Gary Gutting responds in the NY Times to the validity of Dawkins’s arguments.

16.     Where to see the next total solar eclipse in North America. Be there or be square. Come on, you only have to wait until 2017.

17.     Three Minute Philosophy takes on Immanuel Kant. It’s a little edgy, a little gory and a lot funny.

18.    Iris scanners to enable security, marketing, and a dystopian nightmare

19.   Why students cheat

20.   What is college?

21.     How Nordic languages work

22.     Making Data into Art

23.     Everyone’s theorizing about Inception… why not read an interview with the costume designer?  It blows half the theories out of the water.

24.     Why do kids quit?  Sometimes because they are actually naturally talented.  Praise a kid for her successes, says this article, and you may actually reinforce the instinct to quit when met with challenges.  Praise her instead for her hardwork, and you’ll build a success story.
25.     Need to tell someone what you think of them?  Watch this: the greatest movie insults of all time.
26.     This just in: Mexican President Calderon re-evaluates the drug war, and is considering legalizing drugs in Mexico.
27.     Want some ambient music? Why not listen to the Solar System?
29.    Now you’re cooking… with ninjas!
Why “green eggs and ham”? Clearly Sam/Satan attempts to offer the unnatural as the good. Nameless Soul, still in a state of grace, immediately states the obvious: who likes the unnatural? What sense does it make to like green eggs and ham? Here, Nameless Soul initially sides for the created order of the universe.

32.     The prettiest Graceful Ghost you’ve ever heard

33.     Another 33 Things

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    Those three minute philosophies are great! I’m going through them all and recalling all of my classes and readings. 8^D