33 Things: This Week’s Amusing and Intriguing Links

1.     A photo gallery of the International Space Station, with pictures taken almost exclusively by amateurs.

2.     When did progressives become so opposed to progress?

3.     Thinking about going back to school? Take a look at Pop Sci’s 30 Coolest College Classes in the Country. Peruvian Amazon Field Course? Count me in!

4.     Absurd article of the week? I think so. AlterNet’s Alex Henderson attempts to argue that 1) Conservatives are solely responsible for America’s economic woes; 2) The economic woes are the main cause of the breakdown of the family/family values; therefore 3) Conservatives are responsible for destroying the very values they hold so dear. Should I start listing fallacies in alphabetic or chronological order…?

“Social conservatives are right about one thing: the American family is under attack, but not from cultural liberals. The greatest threat to the American family is economic stress — and the modern-day Republicans and social conservatives who preach family values are the ones who have done the most to imperil the American family.”

5.     Philosophical Humor is not just nerdy. It’s coke-bottomed glasses, tucked in t-shirts nerdy. But when it gives us things like the Socrates Argument Clinic, I won’t complain.

“…you will have a chance to match your wits against history’s most famous philosopher. Your challenge is to complete the argument without making Socrates drink the hemlock. But if you can’t contain yourself, click on the hemlock icon.”

6.     Why Read? Peter Leithhart has some thoughts on reading for pictures and making new friends.

7.     Roger Scruton discusses the Common Law of England and its significance for the American experience.
8.     This week, President Obama recognized the end of combat in Iraq. Regardless of personal views on the war, one can point to some things that have been accomplished.
9.     Why We Need Patriotic Movie Producers: American Movies, Foreign Minds argues that Hollywood no longer honors or nation’s uniqueness.
10.     Man Knowledge: Lost Cities Every man should know.
11.     Humans can be smarter than machines…but only with machines!
12.     We may not be determined by what language we speak, but it does affect what we must say.
13.     21st century pirates are not so different from 17th century ones, though we’d like to think they are.

14.     You may not care much about mergers & acquisitions, but Dave v. Dave may bring some new technology to the forefront at a very expensive price.

15.     Think good can’t come from bad? For once, legislating from the bench may actually be in line with the people’s will.

16.     Unsure what “legislating from the bench” actually is? Compare this and that interpretation of judicial review.

17.     British Magazine to ban celebrities and models from its front covers

18.     Gold Front Tooth Syndrome: An excerpt from the new book by Theodore Dalrymple

19.     Read these 11 instantiations of the Devil’s cunning use of pornography. In 2004 the California District Attorney’s Association wrote a review of California’s Three Strikes Law, but inadvertently portrayed the consistent link between pornography and heinous crimes through tracing the story of 11 “Career Criminals.”

22.     Lord, show us the father.  Now.

23.     You’ve come a long way, baby.  But can you keep it up?

24.     Strongbad takes on the motivational speaking circuit:

25.     Musicianaries!

26.     The Oxford English Dictionary is dead… long live the Oxford English Dictionary.

27.     The 10 Commandments: The Medium WAS the Message.

28.     Why the President’s Partisans Talk Down Islam


Come on, you KNOW you’ve always wanted to do that.

30.     Back-to-school lunch ideas.  If these are too easy for you, you can always try something more difficult:

31.     The four levels of social entrapment:  You’re going to have to talk about soybeans.  A lot.

32.     I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but…

33.     Another 33 Things. And kudos to those of you who can tell me what the 34th 33 Thing is in this post.

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