The Bible Is the Seed, Not the Fruit

In Romans 10 we learn that the word of God is how people come to faith. God’s word is the seed that is sown and blossoms into faith in people’s lives, but what comes out of a seed is overwhelmingly stuff-that-is-not-more-seeds. There are the roots, trunk, and branches of a tree; then there is the fruit, the flesh of which is often more massive than the seeds inside. Essentially I want to say that we should not reject other products of the tree simply because they vary from the seeds in quality.Apple seeds are tiny and taste horrible, but by wizardry they turn into fruit-bearing trees. Through sheer bloody mindedness those trees insist upon producing the exact same fruit of the trees before them. Inside the fruit of the new tree, you will have again those tiny little bits of awfulness that are the seeds. Fruit only stops bearing seeds when genetic engineering edits seeds right out of the tree’s lifecycle. In regards to bearing fruit for God, seedless fruit is an abomination. To hell with seedless fruit.

I like seedless fruit because I do not have to chew around the seeds in order to enjoy the fruit, but the continued existence of plants that can bear seedless fruit depends upon the manipulation of seed-bearing trees. The world appreciates good works devoid of the preaching of the word of God because it gets the sweetness of the fruit without having to slow down and pick out the seeds. As bad as seedless fruit is, seedless fruit is not a sterile condemnation of true seed-bearing fruit. We must enjoy the sweetness of the fruit surrounding the seeds as well as save the seeds for further planting.

Christians have taken all manner of trades and occupations in this world: some have been the lowliest of slaves and others have been the most righteous of kings. Jesus came in the flesh one time, so he could not humanly live out the example of what it means to perfectly and righteously be all things human. In all the walks of life trod by Christians, they meet a variety of ways to do good in this world and thereby bear fruit for God. It is possible to be a soldier and a Christian; it is possible to be a mechanic and a Christian; it is possible to be a cellist and a Christian. Each field presents its own unique challenges to the production of good fruit, but we have to see that not every job having to do with fruit necessitates the production and distribution of seed packets.

In every trade, Christians must be free to do the good that God sets out for them. Scientests must be free to follow the data where it leads. Musicians must be free to go beyond playing in church. Authors must be free to leave tireless reproduction of saintly biographies. Again, each Christian worker struggles uniquely to grow in a manner faithful to the seed of the word of God that was first planted in their lives, but whether the seed falls in a plain, a valley, or on a mountainside, the tree must grow where it is planted and bear fruit for God. Fruit is useful for eating, pressing into juice, and even to fertilize planted seeds. The fruit is valuable beyond what it does to bear seeds, though some gardeners must specialize in gathering the seeds for further distribution.

The chief excitement about seeds is that they result in more trees and more fruit. While the word of God — represented in print by the Bible — is much more than a seed, it does not taste the same as the fruit. In it we find all the instructions for how the tree should grow, how it should respond to environmental factors, and the blueprints for the fruit; but the seeds must grow according to the instructions inside of them and not according to the physical form of their distribution. I should not forget to say that the Holy Spirit provides the means for the growth of the seeds. We should always carefully observe any work of God. What then of the planting?

There are significant openings in the corporate division responsible for the production and distribution of seed packets. If you have a passion for seeds, then go plant them where they have never grown before. You will handle nothing but seeds and your efforts will result in exponentially greater amounts of fruit than if you just sit and tend to trees already established. Otherwise, do not needlessly stir up controversy by checking up on the progress of long-planted trees.

Image via Flickr.