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Alright, alright. I know I’ve written a number of posts about hip-hop already. I spend a good amount of my time consuming the genre, considering it, and even writing on it. One thing that has always been tricky when discussing hip-hop with those who will listen is suggesting a starting place. This year has proven pretty handy for that, fortunately.

I wrote a bit about a group called Beautiful Eulogy over at Christian Rock Rocks. The group is signed with Humble Beast Records, and have been building themselves a rather solid reputation. But, rather than spending my time gushing about my love for that particular group, let’s move on to the recommendations. The benefit of these recommendations is that they are free entries into the genre.

If you’re looking for something that sounds a lot like the sort of hip-hop you might hear on the radio, at least so far as style goes, it’s definitely worth recommending Lecrae’s recent mixtape, Church Clothes. You can download it for free, and it will help gear you up for another release he’s got coming this fall. If you enjoy his work, he himself recommends you listen to these tracks. Lecrae will offer hip-hop that would feel at home on a number of radio stations, aside from the content. His career has been fascinating to watch, though I’ve already written on that particular subject.

For those who are turned off by a mainstream hip-hop sound, you should absolutely give Beautiful Eulogy’s debut album Satellite Kite a listen. You can download this one here. The band has already built up a reputation among critics and listeners as incredible wordsmiths as well as musicians. Just check out some of these lyrics:

Limited in mind, limited in body, ruler of our own domain.
Claim false authority, like we’re the ones who rule and
reign. The mentality of the majority is more than metaphorically
morphing into a misinformed form of who we were born
to be. Torn between, blind perception and divine reality.
Torn at the seems, our dreams are built on a faulty foundation
of fallacy. This will be our fatality, it’s simply
a formality. See the casualties of war laid on the floor of
the battle scene.

Aside from clever penmanship, you’ll find the album laced from start to finish with tight instrumentation, interesting delivery, and, above all, a lot of heart. I definitely recommend these guys.

If you get through these two recommendations and can’t get enough, follow up by checking out the rest of their respective labels. But that should hold you over for awhile. There’s some great music coming out of the Christian hip-hop scene; let’s praise God for it and through it.

Image courtesy of Humble Beast Recordings.

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