• http://about.me/dillieo Dillie-O

    I was reading an article about Win8 and one of thethings they point out is that it becomes a lot easier to use at the desktop level when you leverage the hotkeys, especially the powerful Win+X. Have you tried any of those yet?

  • jamesfarnold

    I haven’t spent a lot of time with it, honestly.

    I’ve got the Microsoft Touch Mouse, which allegedly works with Windows 8 for things like bringing up the charm menu, but could never get it to work quite right, regardless of the drivers or software I downloaded. That was a little frustrating.

    I do know that you can just start typing to make search function well, but I hadn’t learned the rest.

    It seems a bit counter-intuitive to rely on a keyboard in a medium that appears to be designed for touch, at least in my opinion.