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In lieu of writing my own commentary on all that has been interesting this week, today I’ll take a moment and send you to others who have admirably done the job themselves. This is a post full of links. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

Over at Mere Orthodoxy, blogger Chris Krycho writes With a Grin: Rejecting the Victim’s Stance. This is a long piece, but worth the read. He walks through the language of victimization, talks about the problems of adopting such language when we do not legitimately need it, and even pushes against the idea that a true victim should define themselves in those terms. Granted, he does this with more grace than my description here conveys, so read the post for yourself.

Two of my favorite professors (indeed, one was my mentor in college) co-wrote a review of a single chapter from a book. Fred Sanders and Matt Jenson tackle the first chapter of Tom McCall’s Forsaken: The Trinity and the Cross, And Why it Matters. They also go into the second chapter, and both parts are worth a read.

“Drab prose is everywhere.” Well, at least this is what Ben Masters claims (and he’s right) in his article, A Short Defense of Literary Excess. With a bit of teaching, and a flair for parody and humor, Masters works through the art of lengthening or shortening sentences in prose.

Another professor of mine, John Fox, suggests that creating art, particularly writing, is akin to a bike race: if you are given a disproportionately greater amount of time than I am, surely you will win the race. There’s something to his argument, of course, though throwing out talent and many other factors (what makes a successful writer? what role does luck play into success? etc.) may end up taking some of the force away from the analogy.

Finally, there was a space shuttle driving around LA pretty recently. Fortunately for those who couldn’t see it live, there is a time-lapse video.

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