Thankfulness in Blogging

Every year, Americans gather around and spend time with their loved ones, putting themselves into food comas. We eat far too much, watch football, and enjoy crazy things like deep frying an entire turkey. Some of us get up at absurd hours the next morning in order to secure Christmas presents at dirt-cheap prices, though if you know how to scour the web for good deals, a lot of Black Friday is wasted time. There are a lot of things to be thankful for this year, and I simply don’t have time to speak on everything for which I’m thankful. Instead, I’ll focus here on blessings I’ve felt through this blogging endeavor, my time so far at Evangelical Outpost.

First, I really couldn’t do this website without our writers. We’ve got some insightful folks here, and it really helps us cover topics I’d never be capable of on my own. From politics and theology, from technology (which I’ve helped out with) to writing itself and, well, whatever it is Nathan does, I’m blessed personally by the team, and they hopefully continue to bless all of our readers. The site couldn’t continue as it does without Sean, our resident tech geek, and one of the most personable fellows I’ve had the pleasure of meeting in this vast web-space.

Second, a special shout-out to my friends over at Mere Orthodoxy, but especially the head honcho over there, Matt Anderson. The blog itself is inspirational, and I’ve been a fan for longer than I’ve known Matt. When I first met Matt and told him of my interest in blogging, he told me to just up and join this site called Evangelical Outpost, which I took him up on a little over a year ago. Since then, Matt’s been instrumental in my involvement here, and also become a friend. We’ve spoken on many subjects, serious and light, and he always managed to find a way to visit me at work without even telling me he was in the state. I’d chalk the latter part up to negligence, but I suspect it has more to do with his sense of humor. He’s also just announced his second book, which I am really excited to read. Seriously.

Finally, I’m thankful for our readers. One of the motivations for our writers is the knowledge that people will read their work, and that the comments are bound to be interesting. We strive to write excellently, but part of that is penning words in such a way that we are read well. Words spent on walls without readers are akin to food prepared for an empty restaurant. There may be pride in the beauty and taste of the food, but with no one to eat, all that food goes to waste. Thank you all for your readership, and thank you for the comment discussions. Keep bringing them, and if you’ve got a question or suggestion, feel free to contact us.

As a final note, Evangelical Outpost will be taking the rest of the week off. I figured that my writers needed something to be thankful for, so come back next week, after we’ve taken a brief break.

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James received his MA in Philosophy of Religion at Talbot School of Theology in 2013. He holds a BA in Biblical Studies from Biola University, and is a graduate and perpetual member of the Torrey Honors Institute. James blogs on a number of subjects, including technology, theology, and hip-hop. He has written for Biola’s Center for Christianity, Culture, & the Arts, The Gospel Coalition, and he is an editor for Mere Orthodoxy. You can also keep up with him on Twitter (@jamesfarnold).