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If you’re watching Syria, and most of the nation sort of is, the folks over at Mere Orthodoxy had a great discussion about how Christians ought to think about the implications for Christians in Syria.

Trevin Wax had to remind his son that going to church on Sunday isn’t just about education. In spite of the language of “Sunday School”, we don’t graduate from church; in fact, what we’re doing is worship.

While famed “new atheists” like to trumpet the wars that religion has caused, their data may be misleading. In fact, “misleading” might only scratch the surface.

It’s easy to be an unbalanced Christian. Not physically, and not even mentally (though that happens), but theologically. How might we stay balanced? What might that even mean? Derek Rishmawy gives us five tips for finding our theological balance.

Perhaps my favorite article from the week, and certainly the one that I relate most to, here’s one blogger’s account of what it is like to be 26, unmarried, and childless. The conclusion, which is that instead of asking everybody “What’s next?” perhaps we should sometimes (often) ask “What’s now?”, is spot on.

And, in case you somehow missed this strange song as it made its way around the web over the last couple of weeks, ask yourself one simple question: what does the fox say?

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