Articles By: Jonathan Nichols

Jonathan is a student at Biola University and a member of the Torrey Honors Institute. He is pursuing a Business degree with a minor in Spanish, and hopes to put his education to work in a community development organization in Latin America after he graduates. His academic interests lie in languages, economics and finance, philosophy, theology, and the way those disciplines interact. Jonathan enjoys most things, but is particularly drawn to good fantasy books, old furniture, and well-tuned pianos.

The Wonder of Advent

An unfortunate consequence of having so many great predecessors in the Christian faith is that Christians today often take incredible things for granted. After all, incredible things take some explaining, and once they’ve been explained, they often lose their sparkle: “A talking donkey? Oh, I’ve...
December 21st, 2010 | Culture, History, Media, Religion | Read More

I Think I Can

The motto of The Little Engine That Could could be the tagline for Hermas of Rome, an author from the first century.
November 29th, 2010 | Book Reviews, History, Media, Religion | Read More