Articles By: Matthew Lee Anderson

Matthew Anderson is a Perpetual Member of the Torrey Honors Institute. He graduated with honors from Biola University in 2004, and works as a financial planner, writer, and editor. His intellectual interests include questions of embodiment, the relationship between revelation and philosophy, and intellectual and philosophical history.

Saving Leonardo: An Interview with Nancy Pearcey

Nancy Pearcey is perhaps the most famous heir of Francis Schaeffer’s legacy.  Her book Total Truth was both a bestseller and award-winner, which can be a rare combination.   I was delighted to sit down with her to discuss her latest offering, Saving Leonardo, which is just as unique, thoughtful,...
September 1st, 2010 | Neocalvinism | Read More

Summer Reading Symposium

We thought we’d help you make it through the summer doldrums by listing a few–okay, more than a few–books that our contributors think you might find worth your time.  Without further ado, then….. Rachel Motte Alas, summer doesn’t provide much of a break for those of us no...
June 10th, 2010 | Symposium | Read More

I Told Me So: Self Deception and the Christian Life

Gregg Ten Elshof’s* recent book I Told Me So, which examines the role self-deception plays in the church and in our lives, suffers from an inherent marketing disadvantage.  Recommending it to friends, colleagues, or other non-anonymous individuals carries with it the risk of creating enormously...
August 31st, 2009 | Book Reviews | Read More

On the Evolution of Et Elle, et al.

Nearly four years ago, Joe Carter noticed that there were relatively few women contributing their opinions to the exchanges happening in the Christian blogging community.  To solve the problem, Joe hosted and sponsored “Intellectuelle,” a community of women bloggers, here at Evangelical...
June 9th, 2009 | Other | Read More