Gibson’s Next “Passion”


In Hollywood, money has a way of erasing people’s memory. Last week, Entertainment Weekly was wondering if Mel Gibson’s ‘controversial” movie would kill his career. Now that he has brought in $26 million on the first day the studios will no doubt start taking his calls again. So what does Gibson plan next?:

As for what he’ll do after resting a while in his hammock, Gibson hinted there were myriad other stories in the Bible that deserve celluloid treatment.
“There are good stories in that book — it’s worth looking into them.”

Of course, turning Bible stories into movies is as old as the cinema. But Gibson may not only be able to bring a new level of quality and authenticity to such films but he might be persuaded to take on some of the more neglected stories. Most movies from the Bible either come from the Old Testament or the Gospels. While those are always areas, what about the other New Testament stories.
What about a film based on Acts? There’s enough material in that single book to satisfy even the most sequel crazed studio head. Shipwrecks, imprisonment, travel, intrigue. What more could you ask for?
C’mon Mel, we’ve done our part to make your movie a success. Now do us a small favor. Make your next masterpiece a film about the Apostles.

Ender’s Game: The Movie

I’ve never been a big fan of sci-fi novels. So if it weren’t for the Marine Corps Professional Reading list I would have missed out on one of the best books in the genre — Ender’s Game. The story is ideal for film but but after seeing Starship Troopers (another MC Reading List entry) ruined by a misguided screenplay, I thought maybe it would be better to leave it alone.
Fortunately, not everyone shares my wariness. The Hugo-award winning book and it’s sequel, Speaker for the Dead, will be made into a movie by the screenwriters of X2 and director Wolfgang Petersen (Das Boot, The Perfect Storm). It‘s encouraging to see such talent associated with this project. This could turn out to be good news for geeks after all.
(Hat tip: Not So Fast)