Thankfulness in Blogging

Every year, Americans gather around and spend time with their loved ones, putting themselves into food comas. We eat far too much, watch football, and enjoy crazy things like deep frying an entire turkey. Some of us get up at absurd hours the next morning in order to secure Christmas presents at dirt-cheap prices, though if you know how to scour the web for good deals, a lot of Black Friday is wasted time. There are a lot of things to be thankful for this year, and I simply don’t have time to speak on everything for which I’m thankful. Instead, I’ll focus here on blessings I’ve felt through this blogging endeavor, my time so far at Evangelical Outpost. Continue reading Thankfulness in Blogging

Ten Years and Thirteen Hundred Feet

Approximately ten and a half years ago, I visited New York City. I was living on the East Coast, where I had been for most of the time that I could remember, but was soon to move to the Mid-West. Since we would be leaving during the summer, my family decided to make the trip to see New York City, while we were still able to drive there. We had taken advantage of living within thirty minutes of Washington D.C.–by “we” here I actually mean “my school district” in the form of field trips–but had not yet ventured as far north as New York. So off we went, driving with my Grandparents in tow, and spending the night in New Jersey. Continue reading Ten Years and Thirteen Hundred Feet