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Starbucks CEO Pulls a Mycoskie, Cancels Willow Creek

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz has withdrawn his name from the speaking schedule at the Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit thanks to an online petition at—the same site credited with convincing TOMS Shoes founder Blake Mycoskie to issue his puzzling apology to the anti-Focus of the Family...
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Is Christianity a Metanarrative?

Lyotard famously summed up postmodern philosophy as “incredulity toward metanarratives.” Despite the varying strands of postmodernism that have emerged in recent decades, one unifying factor is a suspicion of the “metanarrative.” This leads naturally to the question, “What is a metanarrative?”...
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Proposal: The Ensured Family Health and Disease Prevention Act

President Obama: Finally we have a President that wants to actually protect wellness of citizens and immigrants. I am pleased to see your progress towards nationalized health care despite harsh criticism. Much of this criticism noticeably concerns money. What kind of person would put money above life? You...
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Outtakes Video:
Summer of Superheroes

Hancock Release Date: July 2 (Note: This video loads slow but looks great (its in Super HD).) °°°°°° Iron Man Release Date: May 2 °°°°°° The Dark Knight Release Date: July 18 °°°°°°
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Blurb Meme — Ten years ago Rob Suggs wrote a humorous article for Christianity Today that mentions the (entirely fictional) book, “The Collected Blurbs of J. I. Packer. Any book worth reading has a short dust-jacket recommendation from J. I. Here are hundreds of the best cover endorsements...
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Know Your White People — Stuff White People Like is a blog devoted to taking a “scientific approach to highlight and explain stuff white people like.” Take a peek at the full list of SWPL and you’ll see that it’s an uncannily accurate assessment. The blog should add itself...
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Stem Cell Silence — Neither Clinton nor Obama commented on the recent news about the stem cell breakthrough. Mark I. at RedState thinks he knows why they remained silent: These Democrats are the ones who claim to have so much compassion for the suffering and afflicted and who label their political...
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Outtakes Video:
Stand Up Edition

Jim Gaffigan on Hot Pockets °°°°°° Brian Regan on Food Labels °°°°°° Mitch Hedberg °°°°°°
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Outtakes 09.07.07

Hey, Big Spenders — The average Democrat in Congress sponsors more savings bills than the average Republican, says the National Taxpayers Union Foundation. An examination of the cost or savings of all bills introduced in Congress found that on average, a typical House Democrat sponsored 5 spending...
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Evangelism Linebacker

The National Institute for Student Ministries has discovered a new method of evangelism. The Evangelism Linebacker deals directly with student fears about sharing their faith. As the EL says (after knocking some people out who don’t evangelize), “Get off the floh’ and go doh’...
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