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Starbucks CEO Pulls a Mycoskie, Cancels Willow Creek

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz has withdrawn his name from the speaking schedule at the Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit thanks to an online petition at—the same site credited with convincing TOMS Shoes founder Blake Mycoskie to issue his puzzling apology to the anti-Focus of the Family...
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From Plato to Picasso to You

An opportunity not to be missed! From Plato to Picasso to You ROME – FLORENCE – PARIS Learning Worldviews Through the Arts Offered by Philadelphia Biblical University June 10-18, 2009 A Unique 9-day Rome-Florence-Paris Christian worldview “conference on wheels” led by Rick...
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Overheard (v. 11)

Though not a big fan of the fantasy genre, the first Narnia earned my eternal goodwill in a single scene. Any film that has Santa Claus handing out weapons to young children is a-okay by me. - From a review of Prince Caspian at Libertas °°°°°° Some seem to believe we should negotiate with terrorists...
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Overheard (v. 10)

This idea that Christians are just as likely to divorce as secular folks is not correct if we factor church attendance into our thinking. Churchgoing evangelical Protestants, churchgoing Catholics, and churchgoing mainline Protestants are all significantly less likely to divorce. — Brad Wilcox,...
December 1st, 2006 | Overheard | Read More

Overheard (v. 9)

All traits in existence across the entire animal and vegetable kingdoms get the same seven word explanation: Whatever needs an explanation “arose by accident and was selected for.” How did the elephant get its trunk? It ABAAWSF. How did ants appear? They ABAAWSF. How did the leopard get its...
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Overheard (v. 8)

“Throughout this book, I often refer to Christians and Christianity because I am a Christian and I have a fairly good idea of what they believe, but the term is intended to include anyone who subscribes to the Bible of the God of Abraham, including Jews and others.” — From a footnote...
June 16th, 2006 | Overheard | Read More

Overheard (v. 7)

“When Mr. Biden says things like, “Try to follow me, Judge Alito,” as he goes on one of his long, sterile journeys, I wonder if Judge Alito has to control himself with an act of will. I wonder if he has an inner Regis Philbin, and wants to throw out his arms and say, “Follow you?...
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Overheard (v. 6)

“This is inevitable — Wi-Fi. It is long overdue. It is to me a fundamental right to have access universally to information…This is a civil rights issue as much as anything else.” — San Fransico Mayor Gavin Newsom, claiming that wireless Internet access is a fundamental...
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Overheard (v.5)

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Overheard (v. 4)

“The trend among college women has prompted some sexual behavior experts to light-heartedly refer to the term ‘LUG,’ or ‘lesbian until graduation.” — Craig Kinsley, a neuroscientist at the University of Richmond who studies the biology of sexual orientation and gender,...
September 20th, 2005 | Overheard | Read More