33 Things: This Week’s Amusing and Intriguing Links

1. Conservatives would like to enter Exhibit A into evidence for consideration by the court of public opinion on the issue of border security:

“The federal government has posted signs along a major interstate highway in Arizona, more than 100 miles north of the U.S.-Mexico border, warning travelers the area is unsafe because of drug and alien smugglers, and a local sheriff says Mexican drug cartels now control some parts of the state.”

2. The most thoughtful discussion on Prop. 8 you’ll hear. Period.

3. Squirrels in the window: a mother squirrel raises several litters in the window of an apartment.

4. What are those bright dots? 10,000 birds trapped in NYC 9/11 memorial lights.

5. Scared of heights? Be glad you don’t have this guy’s job.

6. Predictive Brainology: what can be predicted?

7. The bacon flowchart.

9. Sure it was a popular hoax, but this alleged music machine is still pretty cool.

10. Wookie the Chew and other cartoons in the genre of A.A. Milne meets Star Wars.

11. Even Cthulhu likes to smell nice.

12. Oh the joys of a jack-of-all-trades president: Mr. Obama publishes his first children’s book.

13. Did you know it? Lady Gaga is the “most judgment-free human being on the Earth.” I hope to meet her someday.

14. This Tea Party is serving stronger stuff than you thought: Republic wins labeled as “epic.”

15. The world only gets stranger: doctor carves patient’s name in her uterus.

16. Pets are what makes us human.

17. Ever wonder what it would look like if we drew maps based on how big the continents really are?  Or how many people live there?  It’s an oldie, but a goodie  check out worldmapper.

18. The first photographs of ghosts: still spooky even when you know the trick!

19.  Meet Entborg, the century-old tree that is posting on Facebook

20. Asking advice from the elderly — now scientifically proven to be a good idea!

21. On thinking our own thoughts.

22. I always wished the founding documents were illustrated.

23. If your tattoo was truthful…http://www.mcsweeneys.net/links/lists/

24.  Ever wanted to dig a hole through the center of the earth?  You’re gonna need some help planning your trip through the center of the earth!

25. Drawing Swords Against the Deluge. John C. Wright defends Christian pessimism and meditates on the uses of earthly power. “The battle is hopeless and the war is already won.”

“I am saying this world is base and corrupt and doomed. Place no faith in the world or in the idols of the world. Be not conformed to the world. Instead, vow the vow a soldier vows, who swears never to let his sword sleep in its sheathe, never to retreat, never to surrender, never to let a fallen comrade alone, and to continue to resist even if captured: and I speak of the captivity of addictive sin.”

26. Resentment and the Motions of the Mind

“Professors of Resentment could teach such subdivisions of their subject as the art of rationalisation, rhetorical exaggeration, preservation of a lack of perspective, suppression of a sense of irony or humour, and so on and so forth. Of course, entry requirements would be minimal. All you would have to do to gain entry is to denigrate your parents at a public examination, and there could hardly be found a child nowadays not able to do that. Over the entrance to the faculty will be written not the motto of the Academy, ‘Know thyself,’ but rather ‘Talk about thyself,’ ‘Reveal nothing,’ ‘Remember that there is always someone better off than you’ and, above all, ‘Distinguish not between unfairness and injustice.’”

27. The Zombie Apocalypse: not quite how you pictured it.

28.  The Smithsonian Spills the Beans About Food Idioms. “The origins of some food idioms are a piece of cake to figure out; just use your bean. Others sound so bizarre they could make you go bananas.”

29. A Nation Turns Away From Abortion: It’s not true that abortion statistics are irreversable. Italy proves it.

30. Do Mummies have a right to privacy? Is there something about the human body, dead or alive, that has moral value?
31. Populist Pandering:  Why politicians should not appeal to the lowest common denominator.
32.  An intern at Last.FM maps the users, genders, ages, and music preferences.
33.  Introverts in evangelical America.
“Unfortunately, owing to a few antisocial types as well as to a general extroverted bias in our culture, introverts get a bad rap. Mainstream American culture values gregarious, aggressive people who are skilled in networking and who can quickly turn strangers into friends. Often we identify leaders as those people who speak up the most and the fastest, whether or not their ideas are the best. As a result, introverts are often defined by what we’re not rather than by what we are. We’re labeled as standoffish or misanthropic or timid or passive. But the truth is that we are people who are energized in solitude, rather than among people.”

33 Things: This Week’s Amusing and Intriguing Links

1.     A photo gallery of the International Space Station, with pictures taken almost exclusively by amateurs.

2.     When did progressives become so opposed to progress?

3.     Thinking about going back to school? Take a look at Pop Sci’s 30 Coolest College Classes in the Country. Peruvian Amazon Field Course? Count me in!

4.     Absurd article of the week? I think so. AlterNet’s Alex Henderson attempts to argue that 1) Conservatives are solely responsible for America’s economic woes; 2) The economic woes are the main cause of the breakdown of the family/family values; therefore 3) Conservatives are responsible for destroying the very values they hold so dear. Should I start listing fallacies in alphabetic or chronological order…?

“Social conservatives are right about one thing: the American family is under attack, but not from cultural liberals. The greatest threat to the American family is economic stress — and the modern-day Republicans and social conservatives who preach family values are the ones who have done the most to imperil the American family.”

5.     Philosophical Humor is not just nerdy. It’s coke-bottomed glasses, tucked in t-shirts nerdy. But when it gives us things like the Socrates Argument Clinic, I won’t complain.

“…you will have a chance to match your wits against history’s most famous philosopher. Your challenge is to complete the argument without making Socrates drink the hemlock. But if you can’t contain yourself, click on the hemlock icon.”

6.     Why Read? Peter Leithhart has some thoughts on reading for pictures and making new friends.

7.     Roger Scruton discusses the Common Law of England and its significance for the American experience.
8.     This week, President Obama recognized the end of combat in Iraq. Regardless of personal views on the war, one can point to some things that have been accomplished.
9.     Why We Need Patriotic Movie Producers: American Movies, Foreign Minds argues that Hollywood no longer honors or nation’s uniqueness.
10.     Man Knowledge: Lost Cities Every man should know.
11.     Humans can be smarter than machines…but only with machines!
12.     We may not be determined by what language we speak, but it does affect what we must say.
13.     21st century pirates are not so different from 17th century ones, though we’d like to think they are.

14.     You may not care much about mergers & acquisitions, but Dave v. Dave may bring some new technology to the forefront at a very expensive price.

15.     Think good can’t come from bad? For once, legislating from the bench may actually be in line with the people’s will.

16.     Unsure what “legislating from the bench” actually is? Compare this and that interpretation of judicial review.

17.     British Magazine to ban celebrities and models from its front covers

18.     Gold Front Tooth Syndrome: An excerpt from the new book by Theodore Dalrymple

19.     Read these 11 instantiations of the Devil’s cunning use of pornography. In 2004 the California District Attorney’s Association wrote a review of California’s Three Strikes Law, but inadvertently portrayed the consistent link between pornography and heinous crimes through tracing the story of 11 “Career Criminals.”

22.     Lord, show us the father.  Now.

23.     You’ve come a long way, baby.  But can you keep it up?

24.     Strongbad takes on the motivational speaking circuit:

25.     Musicianaries!

26.     The Oxford English Dictionary is dead… long live the Oxford English Dictionary.

27.     The 10 Commandments: The Medium WAS the Message.

28.     Why the President’s Partisans Talk Down Islam


Come on, you KNOW you’ve always wanted to do that.

30.     Back-to-school lunch ideas.  If these are too easy for you, you can always try something more difficult:

31.     The four levels of social entrapment:  You’re going to have to talk about soybeans.  A lot.

32.     I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but…

33.     Another 33 Things. And kudos to those of you who can tell me what the 34th 33 Thing is in this post.

33 Things: This Week’s Amusing & Intriguing Links

1.     On Writing a Book That Doesn’t Totally Suck:

Writing a book is like giving birth to a snarling 8 headed monster. It’s so much more than sitting down in front of your laptop and typing. It’s more like a war, as your own words and ideas battle you and each other. In writing your hopes, dreams, fears and inadequacies are exposed. You learn what it is you most want in life and how incompetent you are to actually achieve it.

2.     When even Cliff’s Notes are too long….

3.     How well do you know the 90 year old Ray Bradbury?

4.     How idea-rich your writing is when you’re young is inversely correlated to how likely you are to develop Alzheimer’s. At least, if you’re a nun.

5.     Look ma, no cabinet!

6.     When chemistry teachers tell you not to scale up, listen.

7.    The Velveteen Rabbit and saying goodbye

8.    Mars Rover Opportunity keeps on trucking

9.    God and Woman at Harvard

10.   “In a sleep so deep not even whales could reach her dreams

11.     Ancient and Modern Nation Building: The Biblical Model for the American Experience

15.    Fire Tornado. Seriously.
16.    Seafood: What to eat, what not to eat
17.    Bon Voyage.  When you get there, send me a postcarden:
“…as a general rule, you should try to show kindness to theologians. Not because they are necessarily exemplary personalities. Not because they necessarily know what they’re talking about. Not because they are necessarily people of great faith. Instead, you should show them kindness because their faith is so weak and so vulnerable; because they are burdened by the difficulty of God; because they are driven to think about God the way some people are driven to drink. You should take care of your theologians the way you would care for the widow and the orphan.”
“The person who fights tooth and nail for individualism is actually not an individualist. In fact, the person who has to fight to be different never gets to experience what they want. Fighting is reacting and reacting is not choosing.”
21.     Attention, gamers: Dominion Prosperity preview is teh r0XX0rz
22.     Tiny Seattle apartment makes us want to downsize.  But only if we can have the Brazilian walnut floor.
23.     Best. Secret Fort. Ever.

25.     Incredible photos of faraway places


27. Morgan Freeman solves the problem of racism. In one minute.

28.     Is it Wednesday yet?  Please?

29.      The Brothers Karamazov–Subway Edition

30.      Eliza Rickman.  Again.

31.     Mythbusters, parking ticket edition.  Sort of.

32.     The web’s newest improv show… won’t let me embed their video. So go to their website!

33.     Another 33 Things.  With pictures!

33 Things: This Week’s Amusing & Intriguing Links

1.   Joe Carter Facts

#joecarterfacts are not copies of #chucknorrisfacts. They are the Platonic Form Chuck Norris only wishes he could partake in.

2.     You are older than you think.

Born when Ross Perot was warning about a giant sucking sound and Bill Clinton was apologizing for pain in his marriage, members of this fall’s entering college class of 2014 have emerged as a post-email generation for whom the digital world is routine and technology is just too slow.


4.     The front fell off. That’s not very typical, you know.
5.     Atlas shrugged…but I thought it was neat!
6.     Sort of like a sadder, more realistic “From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler.”
7.     What to do when you hate the book someone you love recommended
8.     Ya, but did the Victorians have problems with their predictive text, too?

9.      A cop teaches you the science of fingerprints

10.    Slowed down 800%, Justin Bieber actually sounds good

1.     Japanese-style hotdogs?

12.   Unsettlingly realistic bacon scarf

13.   3-year old recites Tennyson flawlessly

14.     Singin‘ on the Moon!

15.     Philosopher Gary Gutting responds in the NY Times to the validity of Dawkins’s arguments.

16.     Where to see the next total solar eclipse in North America. Be there or be square. Come on, you only have to wait until 2017.

17.     Three Minute Philosophy takes on Immanuel Kant. It’s a little edgy, a little gory and a lot funny.

18.    Iris scanners to enable security, marketing, and a dystopian nightmare

19.   Why students cheat

20.   What is college?

21.     How Nordic languages work

22.     Making Data into Art

23.     Everyone’s theorizing about Inception… why not read an interview with the costume designer?  It blows half the theories out of the water.

24.     Why do kids quit?  Sometimes because they are actually naturally talented.  Praise a kid for her successes, says this article, and you may actually reinforce the instinct to quit when met with challenges.  Praise her instead for her hardwork, and you’ll build a success story.
25.     Need to tell someone what you think of them?  Watch this: the greatest movie insults of all time.
26.     This just in: Mexican President Calderon re-evaluates the drug war, and is considering legalizing drugs in Mexico.
27.     Want some ambient music? Why not listen to the Solar System?
29.    Now you’re cooking… with ninjas!
Why “green eggs and ham”? Clearly Sam/Satan attempts to offer the unnatural as the good. Nameless Soul, still in a state of grace, immediately states the obvious: who likes the unnatural? What sense does it make to like green eggs and ham? Here, Nameless Soul initially sides for the created order of the universe.

32.     The prettiest Graceful Ghost you’ve ever heard

33.     Another 33 Things

33 Things: This week’s amusing and intriguing links

1.     The fridge of the future: George Jetson sold separately.

2.     How to pack the ultimate school lunch and be your kid’s hero for all time (or at least through the 4th grade)

3.     Gambling for grades: the next best study motivator, or internet gambling gone wrong?

4.     Even libraries can be slippery when wet.

5.     Money saving tips:

Leave your monitor turned off when you use your computer. You’ll save up to 23% on your electric bill, and as a bonus you’ll be sharpening your memory skills.

6.     Good and bad reasons to teach your child how to do chores

7.     “You’re the narcissist.”  “No, YOU’RE the narcissist.”

8.     Why exactly are ugly animals so ugly?

9.     Poor grammar is a worse sin than vandalism…right?

10.     Notes from the (Moscow) Underground

11.     It’s not easy to admit, but personal vice fuels the sex trafficking industry.  Here are some practical things men can do to fight it by cultivating virtue.

12.     Kurt Vonnegut’s advice to young writers. Can the internet get any cooler?

13.     While the pundits obsess over the Kagan confirmation and the <i>Perry v. Schwarzenegger</i> verdict, you can focus on something amazing members of both parties did in Congress this week.

14.     Oddly Mesmerizing Art

15.     Dostoyevsky Memorialized…In a Train Station

16.     How-To, Batman! How to Dress For a Job Interview

17.     Revolutionizing the Cookie Dunk

18.     Never Enough Beauty, Never Enough Truth

20.     Fighting Crime by Reading Minds

21.     How black people use Twitter.   (HT: Matt Mireles)

22. Federal workers earn double their private counterparts.  Why is this the case?  Well…

“Public employee unions say the compensation gap reflects the increasingly high level of skill and education required for most federal jobs and the government contracting out lower-paid jobs to the private sector in recent years.”

So there dumb, dumb.  Go work your private job and don’t forget to pay your taxes – your smarter nanny needs to take care of you.  Ooops, I think you drooled on yourself.

23.     Why do conservative Christians spend so much time concerned with sexual politics?

“eastern civilization is, as the conservative thinker Peter Viereck once noted, a Greek-Roman-Jewish-Christian amalgam. The sexual revolution undermines, subverts, and will eventually replace Christian culture, causing a radical—though gradual—transformation of Western civilization. Christianity will continue, of course, as will Christian culture. As long as there are there are Christians, there will be Christian culture and eschatological hope. What will be different is that one of the pillars that uphold the West will be missing.”

24.     What is an economy?

“Kling has a different answer, which derives from his alternative theory of economies. For Kling, “economic activity consists of sustainable patterns of specialization and trade,” not the total amount of spending. The financial crisis and Great Recession, therefore, are the consequences of unsustainable patterns.”

25.     C. S. Lewis back from the dead for one night only!  Well, almost.

26.     Is Calvinism Good for the Church?

27.     Al Mohler on the recent Prop 8 decision and the future of marriage in America.

28.     Why you shouldn’t try to avoid having a bad college roommate

29.     A hilariously spoiler-filled Inception parody (thanks to Sean Gaffney for the find):

30.    Not many people would risk their lives to restore a marsh, but then again, not many people understood why Saddam Hussein took the time to drain it in the first place.

31.     Dream-like photography from the 1890’s (dude, they had cameras back then?!  Who knew!)

32.     The Christian Institute on Disability (It’s just cool that this exists.)

33.     50 Things a Woman Should Never Do

33 Things: This week’s amusing and intriguing links

1.     Going to lose your house? Ask Superman to save you!

2.     How technology has made romance more Austenian than ever:

3.     ?!

4.     Judges exercise considerable (and disputed) power right and left- no wait, that would be left and left.

5.     “Civil suit” no longer signifies plain clothes to the CIA: “Father of Internet Imam sues CIA.” And American agencies are helping him do it.

6.     18 months ago the world swooned at President Barack Obama. Celebrating his 49th birthday, the President isn’t enjoying the same reception.

7.     Show Me the World: A “Horizontal” View of Art

8.     Adult Stem Cell Research Ahead of Embryonic Stem Cell Research

9.     Thought-Controlled Prosthetic Limb System to Be Tested on Human Subjects

10.     Inception: A Review of a Review of a Review

11.     Forget Double Rainbows: here’s a triple sunset

12.    Can Jewish Theology Help Avoid the Butlerian Jihad?

13.     Giant Papier-Mache Calvinist Puppets of Doom!

14.     How a Fish Almost Destroyed My Childhood

15.     What Happens When You Give Catnip to a Tiger?

16.     Step Into a Room of Books:

17.     So many catechisms, so little time.  If only someone would review them so I’d know where to start. Oh wait!  Someone is doing just that!

18.     What are cell phones for?  Maybe not what you think.

19.     For that matter, what is Foursquare for? Maybe not what you want to think it’s for.

20.     Five ways to lose the perfect job applicant

21.     The wreck of the narcissist

22.     Wave goodbye now...

23.     Look into my eyes.  I mean your eyes.  I mean… seriously, just look.

24.     How ugdorable!

25.     The Ghosts of WWII’s Past:

26.     Slow motion lightning:

27.     FBI vs. Wikipedia

28.     America in Color, 1939-1943

29.     How to “pirate” your favorite record

30.     Welcome to the future: Be amazed. Be astounded. Be annoyed.

31.     Autosummarizing the classics:

32.     How to clean toner from carpet: and have a good time while doing so.

33.  Another 33 Things (ours has more pictures and is therefore better, right?  Right?)’

33 Things: This Week’s Amusing and Intriguing Links

1.     Free ebooks in tens of different formats! ManyBooks. Many many.

2.     What did Albert Einstein think about god?
3.     A mother who recreates her infant daughter’s dreams and photographs them:

4.     Shields up!

5.     Thoughts from 1941: Who Goes Nazi?

6.      Nomskulls: perfect for the little zombie who has everything!

7.     Exploitation chic?

8.     Do androids dream of electric…butterflies?

9.     “The Nothing Box”

10.    Reasoning about Life

11.    “The Devil is in the Design”

12.     Could you fit 24 rooms into 330 square feet of living space?  This man in Hong Kong did. (HT: Fitzpatrick and Prince Real Estate)

13.     A giant asteroid is heading toward earth.  It’s impact would damage an area equal to the size of London.  No kidding.  So should you build your dooms-day shelter?  Well, maybe you shouldn’t, but perhaps your great, great, great grand children should:

“Anyone concerned by the warning has one thing to be thankful for — if it does hit it is most likely to happen in 2182.

That gives scientists 172 years to work out how to deal with it.”

14.     Inception: Sneaky. Very sneaky.

15.     Who or whom? A clear, simple answer from a professional grammarian.

16.     Amazon’s former Chief Scientist on social media influence:

At the World Innovation Forum recently, you spoke about social media having an “illusion” of an audience. Could you elaborate on this concept?

For me, the “illusion” of the audience means: Why do people tweet? What is the driver of them spending time doing this? I think it’s because they think they have people giving them attention, and they do everything to play with that attention. The reason Twitter works so well is that they don’t have a feedback-loop, where people can realize just how little attention they’re getting. I’m not saying the system was set up that way deliberately, but it’s a very well setup system. People can fool themselves into believing that others are listening, which is not easy in real life. When you’re talking to other people on the street and nobody is listening, after a while you sort of have to stop talking. Not so on Twitter.”  (HT: John Dyer)

17. “Disney Characters and the Entertainers Born to Play Them”:

18.      “The Art of Getting Art on Film

19.      Living Without Goals:

“Even when you do things exactly right, it’s not ideal. Here’s why: you are extremely limited in your actions. When you don’t feel like doing something, you have to force yourself to do it. Your path is chosen, so you don’t have room to explore new territory. You have to follow the plan, even when you’re passionate about something else…Some goal systems are more flexible, but nothing is as flexible as having no goals.”

20.      Anne Rice “unconverts”:

I refuse to be anti-gay. I refuse to be anti-feminist. I refuse to be anti-artificial birth control. I refuse to be anti-Democrat. I refuse to be anti-secular humanism. I refuse to be anti-science. I refuse to be anti-life.

21.     Dolphin bubbles.  And annoying commentary.  But dolphins!  With bubbles!

22.     Social Media and the New Culture of Sharing:

“What has happened over the last three years is that we now have a culture of sharing that didn’t exist three years ago … Now we think and act very differently because of these technologies. The societal change that has happened is that we share more.”

23.      Store clerk uses Jesus to talk man out of robbery

24.      14 Famous Man Rooms

25.      “At one snake per meter, you’re never more than three feet away from death.”

26.      Comic Con may be over, but you can still build your very own Stormtrooper costume.

27.      Impulsive, much?  Maybe it’s all in your brain.

28.     Because we all <3 reading:

29.     The resume gap advantage

30.     Tokyo’s oldest man misses his own eleventy-first birthday; died 30 years ago.

31.     Warning Signs: when couples should seek professional counseling

32.   Webserials.com is back! And there was great rejoicing…

33.     This 33 Things thing is really catching on.

33 Things: This Week’s Amusing and Intriguing Links

1.     Beauty, sentimentality, and the gospel:

“Indeed, as the church seeks a role in the arts, it must reclaim a
more mature concept of beauty. As we recognize and embrace the
heartlonging in many works of art, we may make a convincing
proclamation of the whole gospel message. Finding a way to the full
expression of beauty, however, is a challenge. The danger is beauty’s
menacing half-sister, sentimentality. How does sentimentality work
against beauty? And further, how does sentimentality work against the

2.     Morgan Robertson wrote a short story based upon the famous sinking of the Titanic…14 years before it happened!

3.     When a church tries too hard to be relevant:

4.    “If a society had no knowledge of Christianity, and then a Bible were discovered, what would happen?” A manly action-adventure novel, that’s what.

The Sword Trailer from Crossway on Vimeo.

5.     Watching the new Doctor Who series? (The season finale airs Saturday on BBC America!)  So are these guys, and they’re writing about what makes scifi great: it’s ability to explore religion, philosophy, ethics, and other huge topics in a way no other genre can.

6.     A new kind of colon

7.     Reading as self-completion

8.     Listen to Faulkner on reading and writing

9.     What unites the Right and the Left on the new financial reform package?  Trying to stop the war against women in the Congo.

10.     Ever wonder if our system of voting is the best there’s been?  So did Anthony Gottlieb.

11.     Smart girls have more fun

12.     The beginning of the end

13. Business motivations: they’re not what we think they are. That’s why Linux, Apple, and Skype succeed.

14.     Labeling Things: It’s Important

15.     Thank your mom for making you take piano lessons

16.     The Challenge of Imperfection

17.     Last things: On rereading Plato’s Apology

18.     Vacation Apologetics:

Many have asked me previously “How can you teach younger kids about apologetics and defending the faith?”  Well, here’s one good way. I’ve taken my family on a vacation touring the American Southwest.   Along with a rich look at our heritage, I’m finding many opportunities to examine worldviews and the way that they shape people’s attitudes.  I’ll be blogging about my experiences and observations as we go, allowing you to come with us and see ways you can also discuss ideas with your families and friends.

19.     The trashed airbender: give him more tomatoes.

We made a sign for the book sale this weekend on Twitpic
21.     Math genius refuses $1 Million prize; quits job, moves in with mother instead

22.     Where have all the children gone?

23.     A water experiment for every day of the month… take that, summer doldrums!

24.     Bad translation makes fundamentalists of us all:

So next time you hear in the news or in a movie an Arabic guy saying “Praise be to God,” remember he may just be saying “Great, the electricity is back.”

25.     We now know what Harpo Marx’s blog would have looked like:

26.   Book art:

27. Popular porcupine, or ugly puppy? You decide.

28.     Nigerian couple stuns genetics experts, gives birth to blue-eyed blond baby

29.     What do Ronald Reagan, Harvey Milk, and John Muir have in common?

30.     He and the girl of his dreams escaped from Auschwitz… and didn’t get married.

31.   This is for all of you who’ve ever wondered what a fugue looks like.  You know who you are.

32.     Why I am a politically Conservative artist

33.      Another 33 Things! Wow, it’s like he’s copying us… or something. ::cough::’

33 Things: This Week’s Amusing and Intriguing Links

1.     A Policeman Who Blogs…In Verse

2.     Zombie sign language!

3.     Analysis and Commentary on the Comics Page

4.     Ebert on Architecture

5.     The Cult of Originality

6.     Don’t ever ask a professional designer to make a ‘lost cat’ poster.  This might happen.

7.     The scientific breakdown of fear’s four stages–the attacked-by-mountain lion edition.

8.     Botox… the next WMD.

9. Ke$ha… lipsynced by an Asian princess Leia, backup vocals by the rest of the Starwars crew and some starfleet members.

10.     What would happen if Conan won an Emmy for The Tonight Show?

O’Brien: “Congrats to my staff on 4 Emmy nominations. This bodes well for the future of The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien.”

11.     “It’s about the music Maaan: Bands from Muppets”

12.     “8 Marine Creatures That Light Up The Sea”

13.     Political coalitions and the Tea Party Movement: a conversation among conservative intellectuals.

Like co-blogger Arnold, I enjoyed reading the discussion among Brink Lindsey, Jonah Goldberg, and Matt Kibbe about the Tea Party Movement and whom libertarians should ally with. All three made good points but none of the three addressed a key issue: what’s the context.”

14.     Joe Carter writes like Stephen King.  How do you write?

15. Dear Mr. President – I can print and hang your sign cheaper.  Put me to work.

$10,000. That’s how much money the Washington Airports Authority tells ABC News it spent to make and install the sign – a single sign – announcing that the project is “Funded by The American Reinvestment and Recovery Act” and is “Putting America Back to Work.”

16.     Just Another Academic Conference

17.     This should contribute an interesting twist to any Rights discussion

18.     Renting a Country

19.     How Old Spice Took Over the Internet

20.     What does your phone number spell?

21.     Andrei Tarkovsky’s films are online. Is this good or bad?  And what in Odin’s beard was he trying to say, anyway?!

22.     Andrew Peterson’s music video is also online.  He’s much less ambiguous than Tarkovsky.  Also, he has a beard:

23.     Japanese solar sail flies on sunlight. Now if we could just get it approved for freeway use…


Graffiti Proposal from PR!MO on Vimeo.

25.     That’s it, I’m moving to Colorado.

26.     NYT bestselling author serves as Matron of Honor for a reader

27.     POTOOOOOOOO was a famous 18th century thoroughbred racehorse.

28.     Historians locate King Arthur’s round table. (I’d like mine with pepperoni).

29.     Ice cube trays: collect the whole set!

30.     Resources for a new (ish) fiction writer

31.     How to make sunscreen

32.     Six months until the largest tax hikes in history.

33.    You know that part in Mary Poppins where they jump into a chalk drawing?  Yeah.

33 Things: This Week’s Amusing & Intriguing Links

1. Yet another instance of art proving intractable to science — now, with more shady dealings!

A long, relaxing retirement may be an artifact of the last century that will apply to only some Americans in this century — those who have held a long-term, steady job with a defined benefit pension plan.For the rest of us, we’ll have to plan to work longer – if we still have a job – so that we can pay more into our 401Ks, and can afford to stay in the home we have. Instead of picking out carpeting for that new golf course villa, we’ll be changing our doorknobs to handles designed for our arthritic hands so we can age in place.

8.      Knowing your children:

Learning to understand my children this way has also improved how I understand my peers. Human beings are complex creatures, and our behavior has complex motivations. But for some reason I typically insist on interpreting other’s actions extremely narrowly, assuming that anything I don’t know about their motivation is unimportant. Adults, like children, need more charity than I by nature want to give them – or would give them, if my knowledge were more complete.

9.      Well, this certainly explains all the SEO spammers in my twitter feed.

10.     What do Silly putty and chicken McNuggets have in common?  More than you ever wanted to know.
11.     Plato: the comic book.  Free!

12.     Kids These Days Sure are Disappointing
13.     Science and/or Faith
“Razib Khan, a blogger for Discover magazine, observed last year, over 50 percent of scientists believe in God or some higher power. And as medical writer Tom Rees noted, the phenomenon isn’t going away: younger scientists are more likely to hold religious beliefs than older scientists. While the finding could suggest that religious people are more likely to leave science as they get older, it could also mean that religious beliefs are growing among scientists.”
14.      The Myths About Mr and Ms
19. One Minute Review: The Last Airbender from Thomas McKenzie on Vimeo.

20.      The perils of listening well:

Telephones are particularly tough because a talkative person on the other end never even sees my mouth open and shut, open and shut, when I try to interject a thought. At least face to face, I have a chance of getting my three or four words in.

21.     iphone apps for manly men, and the men who want to be like them.

22.  Christian!  Typography! In church bulletins!!!!1

23.     Photo essay: ruins of a forbidden island

24.   How to make a Hello Kitty bouquet.  Cause you know you need one.

25.     Screwtape on stage

26.     How to write badly well:

Carol stands absolutely still. In front of her, not more than ten feet away, is a fully-grown black bear. The ferns beneath its feet are crumpled and slightly browning, their delicate fronds pressed into the thick, wet mud of the forest floor. Carol hesitates. Slowly, very slowly, she looks around for a possible escape route. The light falling through the canopy of leaves has a pale, thin quality to it and the air is brackish with a faint scent of the stagnant water from the nearby estuary.

27.     How to avoid writing stilted dialogue:

“As you know, we’ll be discussing stilted dialog” said Howard. “We should do something different for the introduction.”

“Let’s speak our dialog tags” said Brandon cleverly.

“We mustn’t forget to include adverbs” said Dan pensively.

28.      Who are the new influentials?

29.     Is the blogosphere dying? Nah.  It’s too big to fail, right?

30.     How to charge a USB device with your bike

31.     The top 25 Conservatives on twitter

32.     Garfield: now with less Garfield

33.   Another 33 Things