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A Few Political Predictions

I predicted that Mitt Romney would win the 2012 Presidential race, so let that be a warning to you. 1.  The 2014 and 2016 elections will not be good for Democrats.  I don’t say this in a juvenile spirit of “Oh yeah, well we’re going to beat you next time, so there!”  Rather,...
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An Appeal To The Christian Left

For a large number of conservatives who were expecting Mitt Romney to win the election last week, day one of the Romney Presidency was also going to be day one of a concerted loyal opposition effort.  A good deal of conservatives were unhappy with the Romney nomination.  Not just the Ron Paul people,...
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Mitt Romney: Lesser Of Two Evils?

Since the Republican Presidential primaries I have heard many conservatives threatening to withhold their vote from Mitt Romney in the November election, either because he is not conservative enough or simply because he is not Ron Paul.  Such sentiments are typically based upon principle alone, or...
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An Affair to Remember in Words Soon Forgotten

An entire year of planning goes into the brief, televised announcement. A network of hundreds of experts vet every point. Presentation is everything.  The words, carefully chosen, have the power to define the successes of the last year and set expectations for the next. But after countless hours of...
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Complaining to Mary:
Christian Libertarians and the Paradox of Blackmail

The medieval monk and scholar Caesarius of Heisterbach tells of hearing a lay brother praying to Jesus: ‘
February 2nd, 2006 | Libertarians | Read More

Complaining to Mary:
Should Christian Libertarians Defend Blackmail?

The medieval monk and scholar Caesarius of Heisterbach tells of hearing a lay brother praying to Jesus: ‘
March 11th, 2005 | Libertarians | Read More

Virtue Ethics & Broken Windows:
Why I am not a Libertarian (Redux)

[Note: Because of the emphasis on the upcoming election, I haven’t taken the opportunity to explore a political issue that has always intrigued me — Christian libertarianism. The main complaint I have with most libertarians is that they often work backwards from a grievance to the development...
October 20th, 2004 | Libertarians, Moral Philosophy | Read More

The Youngest Workers in the Oldest Profession:
Is Teen Prostitution a “Victimless Crime“?

Authorities in Brockton, MA are probing an alleged junior high prostitution racket run by a 13-year-old girl. The accused teen is even suspected of pressuring her mentally impaired friend into turning tricks for as little as $5. According to sources quoted in the Boston Herald, the trysts had been going...
June 3rd, 2004 | Libertarians | Read More

Legalize Prescription Drugs!:
A Libertarian Party Policy Solution

Last week, the Libertarian Party announced that Michael Badnarik, a computer programmer from Texas, will be their 2004 Presidential candidate. “If I can win the nomination, there’s no reason I can’t win this election,” said Badnarkik, obviously unaware of the LP’s track...
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Consenting Adults and False Dilemmas:
Libertarian Arguments and the ‘War on Porn”

I’ve always been impressed by the uncanny ability many libertarians have in spotting flaws in logic and reasoning. Whether the arguments come from the Right or the Left, the libertarian critique is often intriguingly rational, even if not always convincing. Unfortunately, they often fail to use...
April 17th, 2004 | Libertarians | Read More