Want to avoid bankruptcy?

Support school choice!

Bad school districts produce poor students. Good school districts, according to Harvard law professor and author Elizabeth Warren, produce poor parents.
In a study of 2,000 U.S. families that had gone bankrupt, Warren found that parents often purchase more housing than they can afford in order to put their kids in a better school district. Inflated mortgages, Warren contends, rather than overconsumption lead families to file bankruptcy. Warren proposes a form of “school choice” :“…Give the principals some money to work with beyond what they get from the local tax dollars, and let the schools differentiate themselves from each other”
It should be obvious, even to a Harvard law professor, that this wouldn’t change anything (parents would still move to school districts that “differentiate themselves”). Why not do something even more radical, Prof. Warren? Why not give leave the choice to the parents?