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Do We Need A New Reagan?

In the recent election, one phrase kept cropping up in Republican and conservative circles: “Is _____ the next Reagan?” Many names were offered, from Mitt Romney to Sarah Palin to Bobby Jindal, among others. The Reagan-ness of various individuals was hotly debated, with various people touting...
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John McCain: Plain Spoken Heroism

By John Mark Reynolds John McCain cannot give a great speech, but he has lived a great life. He has done great things, but he wants to do more. Tonight John McCain did well, but Sarah Palin gave the speech everyone will remember. Her soaring rhetoric met her promising reality and caused a national explosion...
September 5th, 2008 | Politics, Republicans | Read More

Around the Horn: Sarah Palin for Vice-President

John McCain has announced his choice for Vice-President. Sarah Palin is McCain’s choice for the next president of the United States should something happen to him while in office. Media outlets are buzzing with stories about McCain’s interesting and unexpected nominee choice – here...
August 29th, 2008 | Politics, Republicans | Read More

Super Tuesday Too:
Reflections on the OH and TX Primaries

The Longest Two Months– While it seems like an eternity has passed, the Iowa Caucus was only 60 days ago. Fortunately this is the last of the significant primaries and the race has been decided on one side and all but determined on the other. Congrats to McCain — If winning makes you look...
March 5th, 2008 | Democrats, Politics, Republicans | Read More

Welcome to CPAC, Rudy

According to the reports coming out of the annual Conservative Political Action Committee conference, Rudy Giuliani drew “huge crowds” and was treated like a “rock star.” I find this disconcerting. Are the people attending CPAC completely unaware of Giuliani’s positions?...
March 2nd, 2007 | Republicans | Read More

Derailing the Straight Talk Express:
Why John McCain Must Be Stopped

[Note: Since I ‘
August 22nd, 2006 | Republicans | Read More

Breaking the 11th:
Speaking Ill of Republicans

[Note: My friends at In the Agora have declared today “Breaking the 11th,” in honor of Ronald Reagan’s famous 11th Commandment, “Thou shalt not speak ill of a fellow Republican.” As they point out, “Of course, Reagan himself often broke this rule, with good reason,...
August 11th, 2005 | Republicans | Read More

The Conscience of a (Christian) Conservative:
Why I’m a Reluctant Republican

While it initially began in the early 1980’s, for the past several years there has been an increasing concern in America that the term evangelical has become synonymous with being a Republican. I’ve tried to understand why some people have formed this impression. I’ve listened to their...
May 16th, 2005 | Republicans | Read More

Derailing the Straight Talk Express:
Why John McCain Must Be Stopped

During the 1992 election season I lived in Washington D.C., surrounded by the constant buzz of political discussion. Although no one could talk about anything else, many people were unenthused about the choice between the lackluster incumbent President and the womanizing governor from Arkansas. Knowing...
December 16th, 2004 | Republicans | Read More

Bringing Charges of Hypocrisy:
Tom Delay and the Indictment Rule

While reading Power Line I discovered that a reader named Michael Wuflestad sent them the following email: Help, I searched your site, NRO’s, Hewitt’s, Joe Carter’s (the evangelical outpost) for at least the lock-step GOP spin on DeLay’s pardon-the-pun “pardon” in...
November 19th, 2004 | Republicans | Read More