“Apart From Me You Can Do . . . “

As I look at history and consider Jesus’ words in John 15 about abiding in him, I see that people have achieved monumental things apart from God. They have arranged political systems, dispensed justice, erected architectural wonders, and conquered empires whose fragments were glorious even in their fractured decline. When Jesus says that we can do nothing apart from him, what nothing is he referring to? It seems that people who do not know God have achieved pretty substantial nothings, before and after the coming of Christ. Continue reading “Apart From Me You Can Do . . . “

Non-Christian Art: Three Christian stances and why to care

Sometimes, Christians make bad art. Perhaps its because they don’t have talent or training, perhaps its because they get confused about what good art means. That doesn’t perplex me. There are lots of reasons to fail in art, and enough Christians succeed to show that faith isn’t a disqualifier. But, assuming it’s good for the Christian soul to interact with beauty, what does the Christian do with beautiful art created by non-Christians? In general, I have always consumed it without a second thought. Dish out Lord Byron’s “She Walks in Beauty” in front of me, and pass me another helping of Asimov. Continue reading Non-Christian Art: Three Christian stances and why to care

One Book for College: Joining the Recommendations

Over at Mere Orthodoxy, Matt Anderson took it upon himself and his bloggers to each recommend a book to read during college. While I do not write for Mere-O, I am an avid reader and Matt is a friend of mine, so I thought I would throw my own hat into the ring. Hopefully he won’t mind this particular intrusion, but that may depend on which book I end up recommending. Continue reading One Book for College: Joining the Recommendations