At-A-Glance: “Bible Study Anywhere” w/ Mark Driscoll


Bible Study Magazine‘s most recent feature article “Bible Study Anywhere” is an easy read with some good insights for people wanting to develop good bible study habits.*

Like George Whitefield preaching in the fields of New England, Mark Driscoll is gathering a harvest of believers from the hard places of America’s most un-churched city. The rapid growth of Driscoll’s church and his unconventional style have placed him in limelight and gained him the attention of media outlets from the New York Times to CNN’s D.L. Hughley. “Bible Study Anywhere” takes readers behind-the-scenes of Pastor Driscoll’s evangelistic method and reveals connections between good Bible study and good evangelism. The article is short, about 4 pages of the magazine, but still manages to pack in some good ideas worth remark.

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