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Christian Creativity: The Subversive Grace of the Inspired Imagination

Driving out of town on a Thursday, a pastor passed an adult movie store. Toward the edge of its parking lot, a familiar bright green car caught his eye. It belonged to another clergyman in his town, a man with whom he had led Bible studies and had prayer meetings over coffee. Upon seeing the car, the...
May 20th, 2013 | Religion | Read More

Non-Christian Art: Three Christian stances and why to care

Sometimes, Christians make bad art. Perhaps its because they don’t have talent or training, perhaps its because they get confused about what good art means. That doesn’t perplex me. There are lots of reasons to fail in art, and enough Christians succeed to show that faith isn’t a disqualifier....
July 9th, 2012 | Art & Literature, Culture, Featured, Media | Read More